Dream Dictionary Candles

Dream Dictionary Candles

Like what may happen if you are watching a movie, candles can have very different interpretations too when they appear in your dreams.

Dream Candles
Dream Dictionary Candles, Dreaming of Candles and What it Says About Your Personality

If you are having a dream that is generally scary and you see a candle, then it could represent the great salvation from all of the bad things that are going on. To see this candle could signify the end of the horror and could mean that you are moving onto something much greater soon. However the candle may also be adding to the spooky atmosphere of the place as well, which is something that you should consider too.

Extending this definition beyond the world of the dream and into your daily life, the bad dream is probably coming to you in your sleep as a result of some trauma that you’ve suffered in your daily life. This does not have to be a serious trauma or anything life-alteringly awful, but it is something that you should really reflect on when you wake up from the dream in order to get to the bottom of what it really means. As for the candle though, the candle represents the thing that will allow you to get over this trauma that you’ve experienced in your daily life. The “candle” so to speak will probably not come in the form of an actual candle unless you have a legitimate fear of the dark. But there will be figurative candles more or less that will soon come into your life to make all of the bad things go away. This is what this dream symbolizes.

To dream that there are candles surrounding a bed or that there are candles surrounding a bath means that you are probably in for something romantic in your life, or that you have probably just gone through something very romantic and are having lingering feelings about it still. It is natural to still have those desires long after they’ve taken place and you are probably just feeling the after-shock of being so romantically linked. If not, then it is probably the case that soon you will start to see some more romance in your life for sure.

To dream that a candle is your only light in a room means that you are relying too much on one thing in life and this thing does not have a solid basis or solid backing. You have this idea that you are sticking to despite its flimsy base of belief or you have this one thing that you are sticking to that you hope will carry you through adversity and all of your issues, but it is a flimsy form of support. A candle is one of the least helpful forms of light because at the lightest gust of wind or the faintest misplaced breath, the candle could go out and all of the light in the room will be gone. This means that whatever idea you’re leaning on, whatever method of thinking you’re relying on, it will not carry you through. You need to start looking towards another method of support right now.

Candles might be romantic and they might be a way of light but there is another thing to remember about candles and that is their gradual degradation over time. If you dream that you are a candle this is a good thing because it means that no matter how old you get and how degraded you are, your mind and your passion will still continue to remain just as strong as it was in your youth until the final day when it burns out for good.

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