Dream Dictionary Candy

Dream Dictionary Candy

To have a dream in which you are eating candy suggests that you have just had something great happen to you.

Dream Candy
Dream Dictionary Candy, Dreaming of Candy and What it Means About You

Perhaps you have just made some great success of yourself and are trying to congratulate yourself in some way on your achievement. You are reveling in your ability to do things correctly and to receive results in exchange for all of the hard work you put into something. Perhaps you just finished a project that you had been working on for a long time or maybe you did something at work that warranted a raise or some extra vacation time. You are enjoying all of the rewards that you deserve for your hard work. Congratulations.

To dream that someone else is eating candy while you have none suggests that you feel as if you have been treated unfairly or you think that things are unequal in your standing. You have done enough work to deserve a reward for what you have done but instead your achievements are not being acknowledged and all of the credit is going to someone else. This is something that happens all too often in real life. You do all the work and someone else reaps all of the benefits. While it may seem like it is unfair to you right now, it is best for you to simply sit back and let it all happen. You will eventually get what you deserve and you will be nicely repaid for all of the hard work that you did in the past as well. Karma will see to that. Right now though you should simply let your presence slip back into the shadows and wait for that day where you will be rewarded. Because right now, interfering with someone else will only put you farther behind.

Dreaming that you are refusing to eat candy means that you are feeling selfless. You have done all kinds of important things and have performed all kinds of activities that are worthy of rewards, but you have been refusing those rewards so that instead you can simply be happy knowing that you have made things better or easier for someone else.

If you dream that you are eating candy but you don’t like it, then this means that you have been given a reward that you feel was not befitting the amount of work that you put into a project. Were you working really hard to get a raise and instead all you got was a thank you and a temporary bonus? The possibilities for what this applies to are endless, but the point is, you have not been given the reward that you deserved for the work that you did. Don’t be too scornful though; instead be thankful for what you have because it is possible that you are making a rash decision. It is always important to appreciate what you have rather than be angry that you don’t have more. The latter is an unhealthier attitude to take, and in the end, having an honorable character is much more important than having a bit of extra money.

Candy is a sweet treat and it’s something that everyone deserves to have a little bit of in their lifetime. To be deprived of it during childhood is truly tragic. However, not having candy can sometimes be a good thing too since it will help you control your weight and your sweet tooth. The damage to your teeth in the future might not be worth the amount of candy you get to eat when you are young.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Candy

Letisia 2018-06-15 04:35:59
I had a dream that I went to a small liquor store and they had like a small part of candy section in which I bought only one yellow-orange gummy ring candy and I ate it then as soon as I started to walk out the store I started to feel weird and in my dream I got the reaction that I was dying because of that candy I had ate and in my dream I had to be rushed to the hospital or else I was going to die and my husband was driving me to the hospital because according to my dream we were far away from a hospital and so the last thing was that I was slowly dying on my way to the hospital and then I worked up can someone help me to to figure out what this means

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anita dasgupta 2017-05-12 04:32:29
I didn't understand my dream that 3 of my family members r eating sweets nd 1 of them is offering me to have it.

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Rahab 2017-04-12 08:12:33
I dont think any of these applied to me. In my dream me and my loved one came across the candy while walking. We found it on a lawn, it was huge candy bars and bags of other candies as well. We found it and didnt know where it came from. It seemed to be nobodies in the dream. We didnt eat it, we just stood there trying to figure out where it came from. In the dream we were going to take some to give it away but we ended up leaving it there.

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Jess 2016-07-16 13:47:57
I had a dream with my mom. She unexpectedly passed this past February without warning. In the dream we're sitting next to each other on the bed. She's wearing a white night gown and I'm wearing a blouse I bought this past June(after she passed). I've gotten lots of nice compliments when I wear it. I'm sitting snuggly next to her-just staring at her because I can't believe I'm seeing her. She's saying something to me that I can't really make out, but she's saying it smiling, and in a good mood . She then starts putting a couple of individually wrapped Lindt chocolates down my left sleeve while smiling at me.*I recently fell in love with these chocolates after trying them 2 months ago (after she passed). What does this mean?

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Richard Harrison 2016-01-03 08:15:44
I would to to know the true

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Ayanda 2015-10-01 00:09:08
I had a dream where I ran and opened a door in the midst of speaking to some guy's friend, the friend seemed to had been telling me his friend is coming for me he had been having this crush thing forever. so as I ran away, on the otherside of the door as I close the door I see this 'crushing' guy running towards me then I turn back to open the door and run but I'm too late, he holds me from behind and he gently pushes a kind of candy I'd say now that I think of it I liked it during childhood, the candy tasted good in the dream but I had been having it in shock (what is he doing ?) however I enjoyed it. this other side we in seems to be a house already with furniture but there is open space further right hand sife where he continues to put a mat (the mat had a Zulu traditional hut and the mat it is painted in red. there is once again another mat that he puts just across the room (but I seem to be next to him rather on the 1st mat sife) this time the mat has landscapes and it's design it is not normal rectangular mat but the landscape design itself like a gradually rising mountain from left corner to right corner). at where I seemed to be awakening I felt there was a voice saying it's already 10 o'clock then I see a couple of numbers, about six sets 3 17 20 the other three weren't so clear but last one seemed as an 80

extra info.
the two guys, friends, are Asian guys.
I am African, South African,belong to a Zulu cultural group.

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Amy 2015-05-25 20:08:08
I had a dream that there was a candy bag and inside the candy bag was a spider and candy I told everyone there was a spider in The Candy bag but no one saw the spider so I took out the candy that was in the candy bag but no one still didn't see the spider and the spider got mad and bit my cousin and she didn't see or fell the spider.

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ayneth 2015-01-05 04:42:28
i didnt understand and my dream was about a memory of me and a guy eating skittles but he had a blurry face it looked exactly like my ex but just that the face was blurred please help

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Anju singla 2014-06-02 11:45:01
I didn't get the clear interpretation of my dream I saw that I am getting a box of very nicely prepared sweets from one of my friend . The sweets were so nice even after waking up I wanted to eat them

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