Dream Dictionary Car Accident

Dream Dictionary Car Accident

To dream that you are in a car accident suggests that you are afraid of impending doom.

Dream Car Accident
Dream Dictionary Car Accident, Crashing into You: What it Means to Dream of a Car Accident

You think that something will go wrong in your life very soon and you are not sure what to do in order to stop these events from occurring. First of all relax and realize that there is little that you are going to be able to do to alter the course of your future when you are not even aware of what is truly going to happen in your future. Unless you have any idea of what this car accident might be applying to in the most physical sense of the interpretation, then there is a very good chance that you will end up having to live through this tragedy even if you do not know what it is going to be. Perhaps this means that you will need to “buckle up” so to speak. Even if you are in a bad car accident, you can still come out okay if you buckle up.

To dream that you are in a car accident symbolizes a sense of recklessness that you feel in your life. You are afraid that something bad will happen to you from the lack of care that you have been taking in life. All you can do is think about the fact that some of your behavior may lead to negative results in the future and with this knowledge under your belt you are going to need to slow down. This is what it means to figuratively buckle up in your dreams. To prevent yourself from having an accident in real life, you will need to secure yourself before the bad thing happens. Even if you are already spinning out of control, it is not too late to apply any safeguards that you can think of before the disaster ultimately occurs.

Dreaming that you witness a car accident means that you have seen some bad things in your life or things that you did not want to see. It may not be anything as serious as a car accident when it is applied to your real life, but it is still important to think of the things that you have witnessed recently that you possibly did not want to see or were skeptical of. Did you see something which scared you or which you wish you had not witnessed? This may be a reason why you dreamed that you witnessed a car accident. To dream that you are not driving, but you are in a car that has an accident, this means that you feel as if others ate taking your destiny down with them. You are putting your life in the hands of others and are experiencing only negative effects. Take control of your life again or things may continue to backfire for you.

A car accident can be a fairly traumatizing event but you shouldn’t let it affect the way that you see the world just because you have a negative dream about it. If you have been through a car accident in real life, that’s one thing, but a dream shouldn’t ruin everything for you.

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