Dream Dictionary Car Keys

Dream Dictionary Car Keys

When you have a dream in which you are using car keys, this usually means that you are wielding a large amount of power.

Dream Car Keys
Dream Dictionary Car Keys, Take the Keys and Drive: Dreaming of Car Keys and What it Says About You

This means even more if there are a lot of passengers in the car with you and you are the one that is set to drive. This would mean that not only do you have a lot of power, but you are also using it to influence others. You are going to need to use this power wisely because of the way that it will be affecting others. Make sure to take that into account whenever you make a decision in the future.

To dream that you cannot find your car keys means that you feel like you have suddenly been taken off your path in life. Perhaps you have been striving toward a certain goal all of your life and suddenly something has happened which has set you on a different track. This will challenge a lot of your expectations and beliefs. You need to make sure not to be too overwhelmed by the change in your prerogatives which is soon to come. It can be very tough for people when they find out that they cannot continue to live their lives the same way that they have been planning to, but if the stress overwhelms you too much then you won’t be able to function at all, which will only make things worse. Get ready and brace yourself for the future change that will occur.

If you dream that your car keys will not turn the engine on, then this means that you are trying to solve a problem with a certain method and that method is not working. Your mind is trying to let you know that you cannot solve your problems this way. However, this is not necessarily going to tell you that you will need to stop altogether; it just means that you will need to try something else in order to get to the goal you have been trying to reach before.

To dream that your car keys have been stolen signifies that you feel as if you have been personally violated. This may have nothing to do with anything actually being taken from you in real life, but it does mean that you feel like someone has gone too deep into your personal space or that you have not been respected the way that you should. This could be a physical thing, like someone touching you inappropriately or it could be an issue with someone just saying something rude to you and making you feel a little less than human. In order to get past this feeling you must accept what happened and just move on from the experience. This will make you feel better about what happened.

Car keys can mean a lot for you because they act as the pretext that you have towards motion in your life. These are an important artifact and an important object, but if you pay attention, you’ll realize that car keys won’t mean the end of the world if you don’t have access to them in your dreams. You can still move forward, just take a plane or a helicopter or anything at your disposal. It’s your dream and life is what you make it.

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Can u please tell me what does disoriented car keys mean? Disoriented as in the car key and the the controller were just out of the key holder.
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