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To dream that you are having your car stolen means you feel guilty. Generally people have a semblance of a belief in karma even if they are not religious or spiritual in any way. Thus if you have done something wrong recently, you will probably dream that your car is being stolen. If you are not familiar with karma, for some quick background, karma is basically the idea that if you do good things, then you will have good things done for you, and if you are a bad person or commit evil deeds, then the universe will correct this imbalance by having horrible things happen to you. Do not let yourself fall victim to karma, just make sure to do some good deeds to that they make up for all of the bad things you have done. You will find that doing nice things is much more satisfying than doing bad things.

To dream that your car is stolen from you can also mean that you feel as if your mobility in life is being inhibited. This could be physical mobility, such as a physical disability that you have taken on. Perhaps you have broken your leg recently or something like this has happened to you. Perhaps you have suddenly had an accident causing a more permanent disability. While a dream like this can have to do with things like this, it is usually not the case; usually it has more to do with a metaphorical interpretation.

To lose mobility in a metaphorical sense, this usually applies to some direction in life that has been blocked off to you. You have been moving in one direction all of your life and suddenly at the behest of someone else you are being forced to reconsider the directions that you are taking in life and it is causing a bit of a rift in your life. Maybe you havenít realized how awfully it is affecting you yet, but you will soon and this dream is a guarantee of that.

To dream that your car is stolen can also mean that you feel a bit inadequate. You have been trying all kinds of different ways to get your point across, to move forward from where youíre at, and you have so far been unsuccessful. You should try a few different methods than what you have been doing so far if you hope to eventually succeed in what you are doing. This thing that youíre working on could literally be anything. It could apply to work, to love, to dating, anything. Just make sure to take hold of your situation and try a bit harder and also attempt a few different methods of attack. This should allow you to stop having such poor dreams.

A car being stolen from you can be a terrible experience to have to suffer through but donít think about the negatives if this dream ever happens again. This is why youíve been paying all that money for theft insurance. You might get enough back to have an entirely new and better car. So cheer up.
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Gim 2014-10-22 06:57:15
Wow thanks for the info am going thru all that , and just had that dream.

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Edy 2014-10-12 11:47:33
This was so accurate in all the different scenarios its crazy. Wow very impressed

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Lily 2014-09-28 23:56:01
Frightening I dreamed my partner gave my keys to someone unknown to me and that's how my car was stolen. The emphasis of the dream was my rage toward my partner, I physically attacked him and woke up furious. Thank you for the insight.

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Yeng 2014-04-07 16:27:17
Wow this is great information. Very accurate & scary at the same time. I can totally relate to this.

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