Dream Dictionary Car Theft

Dream Dictionary Car Theft

To dream that your car is stolen probably means that you are feeling a little insecure about something.

Dream Car Theft
Dream Dictionary Car Theft, The Fear of Theft: Dreaming of Car Theft and What it Means About Your Life

Even though you might not be in any danger of having your car stolen or of going through this actual traumatic experience, it is quite possible that you are afraid that you may go through an experience with will take a similarly emotional toll. You may also feel actually insecure about your surroundings.

Perhaps you feel as if your home is not safe enough. Have you or has someone else in your home been forgetting to lock up after themselves lately? This could be the reason why you have been so on edge. You need to take care of this and nip it in the bud before it becomes an even more serious problem. If you haven’t been taking care of the security in your home, or you feel like it might be easy for someone else to break into your house due to lack of locks or lack of alarms, then you might be dreaming of car theft.

Of course this fear manifesting itself in the form of a dream could also apply to your actual car. You could be afraid that your actual car is in danger and that you need to add security to it in order to protect it from thieves. Whatever the case, there is a general sense of insecurity in your belongings that needs to be taken care of. Start by installing some inexpensive alarm systems in your home and in your car. You can probably find a few cheap options on the internet. However if you have the disposable income then you should probably focus on finding alarm systems that are well known for their integrity as a company and not ones that are just going to charge you more than average for no real reason.

A dream about car theft will usually always have to do with some kind of insecurity, but this could be more of an emotional sense of insecurity taking place all in your mind rather than a physical sense of a lack of security surrounding you. The most common reason that people feel insecure is that they are not happy with their looks. If this is the case for you then there is not much you can do about this. Sure, you could cosmetically alter the way you look outside but it will not change the way that you feel about yourself on the inside. It may alter the way that you feel about yourself briefly, but the upkeep of this artificial lifestyle that you are living will soon cause you to feel a bit inadequate and soon you will feel just as insecure as you did before no matter what you do. The best thing you can do is try to feel better about yourself. Instead of focusing on trying to change the way you look, start focusing on feeling better about yourself and changing your attitude instead.

Car theft is a serious crime and whoever does it to you, even in your dreams, will soon find punishment in another dream of yours. For right now just concentrate on collecting that imaginary insurance money and the fact that this correlates to your success in life. You might have a setback every now and again but it’s not going to ruin you financially.

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