Dream Dictionary Carnival

Dream Dictionary Carnival

To dream that you are in the carnival will have a different meaning depending on what your real life attitude towards the carnival is.

Dream Carnival
Dream Dictionary Carnival, A Trip to the Fair: What it Means when you Dream of the Carnival

But if in the dream you were scared of the carnival or felt a menacing attitude about it then this suggests that you may be feeling a bit scared of something. This is probably not something that is concrete or immediately obvious to you, otherwise you would probably just be having bad dreams about whatever that actual thing is. The carnival in your dreams acts as a bit of a scapegoat allowing you to be afraid of that when in reality it is something entirely different that you are fearful of. The carnival merely gives off a menacing air so that you know that you are afraid of something. What you need to do when you are awake is think about what could possibly be bothering you. Perhaps you have a fear of public speaking and are slated to give a speech soon. This could be a possibility too, and hopefully this is not the case. But this fear could be a fear of anything, and in this case it is something that is not physical.

To dream of a carnival in a good way or to have a positive dream involving a carnival means that you are going to experience great joy in the near future. You are going to accomplish something which will allow you to have a variety of positive experiences not just involving carnival like elements. For someone that really likes the carnival, the carnival represents great fun for all in many different forms. You are not just having fun in one area or doing one thing that you like. The carnival puts you in a place in which you can experience multiple things that are great for you. You can have fun with the clowns, you can throw pies at people, you can pop balloons and blow up balloons, you can play darts, and you can watch lions jump through hoops. There are any numbers of different ways to enjoy yourself when it comes to the carnival.

Thus, the fact that there are so many ways to have fun in a carnival means that when you dream of a carnival, you are dreaming of all of the different awards that you will one day receive and it will not just be one thing, it will be many. You have done something deserving of many rewards. However it is also a possibility that this dream is a warning to you that you should spend more time trying to enjoy yourself. You need to go out and have fun because you have not been doing it recently and haven’t been able to catch a break. You are probably overworked and stressed and need a bit of time to yourself. This does not mean you need to go to a carnival literally, it just means you need to have a break and enjoy your life.

The carnival, as stated above, can be a place of fun or a place of fear and it is up to you to decide which one of these things is going to apply to you most. At the same time though, even the scariest carnivals have some good things about them and it is up to you to notice them. A dream of a scary carnival could be a message trying to let you know that even if you have a fearsome dream of a scary environment, it is up to you to notice all of the best things about even the worst situations.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Carnival

Lily 2017-09-12 22:43:40
I had a dream I was at the carnival with my sister, the other day in reality I actually DID go to a carnival. One of the rides I really enjoyed! I dreamed I went on with my sister, but while I was upside down in the ride my seatbelt can loose and snapped. I then fell to the bottom of the ride onto the platform. What does this mean?

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Ziagirlzia 2017-12-07 11:58:09
It means that you fell, and it snapped

↑ -4 ↓
Max 2016-08-25 19:12:44
I've had carnival dreams my past 3 nights so if it is a fear of something then that could be of stopping breathing while I sleep because I had some weird thing with sleep apnea 4 days ago where I didn't get any sleep because I kept waking up gasping for air.

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Tiffan 2015-09-13 18:03:57
I had a dream I went to the county fair and my friends and my sister refused to go on rides but then I went a ride so they watch I was on a heart swing it went SUPER HIGH. In the clouds and then I got off we went home but my second dream I was going to a house and being babysited and they try to get my iPod and I was with my sister and they tried to kidnap us but I ran out they door

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Kelly 2015-08-01 23:18:07
I had a dream about the carnival and it was a great one. I was laughing with my father which is past away now for 4 years. We was talking, goofing around, just having a blast with one and another. It felt soo real in my dream and seen him face to face. It was peaceful. I then woke up and knew that my father is always by my side. He is with i9n every step i take here on earth. He is truly my guardian angel.  :)

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Felicia 2014-12-11 00:57:12
I Had A Dream that me and my sister went on a scary ride that spins a lot and goes kinda high and me and her actually had really fun and in real life me and her are afraid of spinning rides lol

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Rghfdvb 2014-07-23 17:16:25
I had adream that I was at a fair and I was tring to avoid these people even thougth they were nice and I hung out with them we went some rides and the dream ended

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Natalie 2013-12-20 01:11:45
Im not sure If I'm having fun or not but every carnival dream I have looks different from the other one all the rides are different everytime and Im not sure what that means sometimes its dark sometimes it's not mabe it could be because I am afraid of something or that I'm stressed in which I do stress alot bad Soo I think that would be the answer I'm looking for.Thanks

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