Dream Dictionary Cash

Dream Dictionary Cash

There are many different things that cash can symbolize.

Dream Cash
Dream Dictionary Cash, Dreaming of Cash and What it Means About Your Financial Future

Actually, anything that can be bought with cash might just be part of what the overarching symbol of cash is in your mind. On top of that, there is something to be said about the reality of cash. The phrase cold hard cash wasn’t invented without reason, and when compared to a credit card or some virtual form of money, the effect isn’t nearly as pronounced in those elements. What you should really be paying attention to is what happens with the cash or what you do with the cash in your dreams.

If you have a dream about cash, this could just be because there is something that you need or want and you are really just thinking about that. The cash in your dreams is merely an extension of that desire that you have for the other thing. Have you wanted something that cost a lot of money and have you wanted it for a while? Ideally this explanation would make the most sense, since people usually don’t dream about cash when the amount that they’d need to spend to actually purchase the thing is an insignificant number. The more cash in your hands, the more obvious it should become as to what you were dreaming about really? For example, see 700 dollars or so in your dreams? This may be a manifestation of your secret desire to own an ipad. Who knows? Only you can answer that one.

Dreaming of spending a lot of cash can mean one of two things. It can be a sign that you have been too spendy lately and that you need to cut back. Next time you go to the store, don’t spend so much on trinkets and things like that. Conserve some of your money for a later time and use it then instead. Try spreading out your usage too so that if something horrible occurs, you will have a stockpile to help cover for it a bit.

To have a dream specifically about cash rather than a credit card or something else might signify how real a debt you have is becoming to you. This is most typical for first time home owners and students that are graduating in a lot of debt. You will have dreams about cash the closer you get to the point where you actually have to pay some of that debt off. The good news is though; you won’t be plagued by these dreams forever, only as long as they enter your thoughts. It will always be an adjustment while you get closer to having to pay back loans, but once you have finally got a good schedule down you will stop worrying about it so much and your dreams will settle back down to normal. Another possible meaning of a dream about cash is that you might need to spend more of it. Stop being so frugal. If you’re flush with cash, then have some fun with it.

Cash is a very solid investment and it is a very solid way of staking a claim. Not everyone prefers to be paid in cash and not everyone accepts cash, but when you do have cash and you can use it to pay your debts it feels really good. Therefore if you have a dream about cash it might have to do with your firmness in life. Now is a time to not have any infirmity in your decisions and in the things that you do. Trust in yourself and you will prosper. This is the only way to live.

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