Dream Dictionary Casket

Dream Dictionary Casket

A casket is a serious device and should not be taken lightly.

Dream Casket
Dream Dictionary Casket, Dreaming of a Casket and What it Says About your Life (and Death)

It symbolizes nothing but death and sadness. As stated earlier, a casket is something that a person is buried in and at many times they can appear ramshackle and destitute but as long as they serve a purpose people think they are fine. This means that they are usually used in situations where someone cares about the person so little that they don’t want to pony up the dough for a nice coffin. The other situation in which they are used is when someone needs to be buried in a hurry, so someone quickly crafts a casket out of available wood and buries them in that. But in all cases a casket has no light side. It all has to do with death.

To dream that you see a casket means that you think that death is approaching or that it has been on your mind recently. Often people will see images of death if it has been on their minds or if they’ve been pondering it. If you have seen an image of a coffin it is because you too have been thinking about death. Luckily this usually signifies a little more detachment from the whole business. You do not have to be totally obsessed with death. In fact you probably aren’t. But it does mean that you have been unhealthily preoccupied with it lately. Try to take your mind off things by thinking about some of your favorite things rather than about all of the negatives that could occur.

If you dream that you are in a casket it would mean that you have been thinking even more about death than is average. Every once in a while it is not so odd to have a dream about a casket or a dream where you die, but to dream that you are in a casket and being viewed or that you are in a casket and being buried means that you have been focusing on death a little too much. If you are in old age then this is totally normal and you should not worry too much about these terrible fantasies. You are bound to have them when you get to be of a certain age.

If you are young and dreaming about being in a casket it means that you will need to make some severe life changes though. You are probably doing some very unhealthy things like smoking and doing excessive drinking. Another option might be that you are eating way too much. You need to put all of these activities on hold and instead of participating in these you’ll need to find something healthier to do. Remember, healthy things can be fun too; you just need to know what to do. Start up a soccer league, or try a new hobby like building models. Read more. All of these things will lead to greater happiness in the future.

The casket is a rough depiction of death and it is one that nobody wants to see, but you need to see a casket in order to see just how real death can be. Sure nobody wants to go through death and ideally, you’d never have to, but death is just as much a part of life as living is, and the sooner you accept that, the sooner you can stop having horrific dreams about caskets.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Casket

annie 2015-01-09 19:54:57
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I had a dream that instead of lifting my head from falling asleep on a desk I lift my head and realize it was on a black casket and a gold box with a black lid of cremated remains were siting on top. What does this mean.
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tana wrigley 2015-01-05 00:22:43
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I had a dream several months back about a casket being in a dark room, but the lid was closed, and I had a dream that I was going to bury my mother, which I buried my mother. Now! My daughter passed away on December 13, 2014, buried on December 23, 2014. What does all this mean?
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Mylessa Green 2014-06-15 15:00:29
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What if it wasn't me in the casket and I JUST DREAMED IT OUT OF NO WHERE?
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