Dream Dictionary Caterpillars

Dream Dictionary Caterpillars

To have a dream in which you are a caterpillar may mean that you feel as if your life has been moving sluggishly at the speed of a caterpillar.

Dream Caterpillars
Dream Dictionary Caterpillars, Creepy Crawly Dreams: What it Means when you Dream About Caterpillars

Caterpillars are obviously not exactly known for their speed or anything like that, so to dream that you are a caterpillar could mean that you feel as if you are not making enough progress in life. You are going at a slow speed, but there is nothing that you can blame it on except for yourself. In this case it is not the world that is conspiring against you to ruin your good time. In this case the sole responsibility lies with you.

To dream that you are a caterpillar could also mean that you are frustrated at not being able to make it to the next level. We all know caterpillars as being like slugs that one day turn into beautiful butterflies. They are not actually slugs; they are merely representative of the stage before a butterfly actually comes into itself. In a sense it is basically a baby butterfly, it just doesn’t look like one yet. A caterpillar must spend its whole life eating and fattening itself up to prepare for the day that it finally is able to become a butterfly. Then it spins itself into a chrysalis and will quietly sit there as the growth occurs. When you dream that you are a caterpillar you feel as though you need to strive towards a greater stage in life yourself but you are unable to reach it. You go around doing what you think you need to do in order to progress in life and instead you end up continuing to run around back and forth not getting anything done.

To dream that everyone else is a caterpillar but you are not would suggest that you feel superior to those around you. They have not reached your level of superiority yet and have made themselves much more capable than you. You have made much more progress in life than they have and are not ashamed to show it off to everyone around you. While this can be great for self esteem, you should not allow it to cloud your judgment of other people and the way that you really see things. Form an objective standpoint you are no better than anyone around you.

Even if you feel that you are, you should not use this feeling of superiority to justify treating others as if they are lesser beings. In the end, a dream is just a dream and you should not let it cloud your perception of reality in a way that will be detrimental overall to your growth and to the happiness of others. If you dream that you are a caterpillar, this could also be tied to feelings of social inferiority. You think that those around you are busy being “social butterflies” as the saying goes. And you are stuck without any friends. Make an effort to go out and meet new people.

A caterpillar can be a pretty ugly creature, let’s face it, and you probably have pretty low self esteem. That comment was not meant to offend, it is just that most people, even the most attractive of people have low self esteem. However this dream is as good a sign as any that there is still hope for you yet. You too can be attractive some day and don’t you forget it. You can win out in the end for sure once again.

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