Dream Dictionary Cave

Dream Dictionary Cave

A cave is an object, as stated above, that is representative of both fear and of the unknown.

Dream Cave
Dream Dictionary Cave, Exploring the Depths: What it Means to Dream of a Cave

It is a popular connection that is constantly being made by both philosophers and psychologists that fear is closely related to lack of knowledge. Many believe that the roots of fears like homophobia and agoraphobia especially come from not knowing and not understanding. If someone does not know or does not understand what is going on around them then it is likely that they will be afraid. And this fear can also lead to hatred. Thus, a dream about a cave might have several different meanings.

On the one hand, to dream about a cave could mean that you are relentlessly seeking information on something that you do not know the full details of. You are researching all of the information available to you to come to a conclusion regarding some important thing that has taken hold of your life currently, but you haven’t been able to make any solid assertions yet. Basically, the cave represents this thing that you are seeking. It may hold the answers, but you haven’t taken the next step to go inside.

Conversely the cave can also be something that you do not want to know about. Maybe it is a rough part of your life that you are mentally shrouding in mystery, or maybe it is an area of yourself that you do not want to explore for fear of how it might change your own opinion of yourself. It could just as easily be something entirely unrelated to you that you just don’t want any more information on. Perhaps a friend ahs revealed half of a secret to you, and you told them to stop before they told you the rest. The cave would represent that part of the secret that they were unable to share with you. While it might be a good idea to keep away from information that you have no need to hear and that may have a negative effect on you, you do not want to close yourself off entirely from entire avenues in your life. You will know what the most appropriate decision is though, so take any of this advice with a grain of salt. You ultimately know what’s best for you. Just remember to think before you make any decisions.

To dream of a cave can also symbolize fear or frustration at something. Perhaps it is a secret that you think might change your view on something or maybe it is something that you are afraid will hurt one of your relationships. If you really believe in your heart of hearts that pursuing this thing, or educating yourself on this thing will only lead to further heartache, then you would do well to stay away from it. But you should always consider the possibility that this experience could help you more than it will hurt you.

A cave can be a place of fear but sometimes in order to conquer your fears you just need to step through the threshold and see what happens. Sure it might end badly, but it can also end well too, and you’ll always be afraid, never knowing the truth until you just take the plunge and go for it.

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