Dream Dictionary Chandelier

Dream Dictionary Chandelier

A chandelier is known for doing a lot of different things.

Dream Chandelier
Dream Dictionary Chandelier, Dreaming of a Chandelier and what it Means About You

For one, the chandelier is usually the place where the chief light fixture is placed. The thing that makes the chandelier so great is that it is very pretty. Even when the lights aren’t on in the house, you can still see the beautiful glasswork of the chandelier shining out throughout the house. Also, the true beauty of the chandelier shows off when the lights are on though. When you turn the lights on, that’s when the beauty of the chandelier rings out through the entire house and you can just see everything. What do these traits of a chandelier have to do with anything? Turns out they really help with dream interpretation.

If you have a dream in which you have a chandelier in your home it means that you need to let more light into your life. Sure it may only have one light bulb in it, but the way that the light will refract off the glass will send the light shooting off in more concentrated areas all over the room. The light will be unfiltered and unfettered. Each beam will be just as intense as the next and the next will be just as intense as the direct light coming from the light bulb not an inch away.

This means that when you dream you have a chandelier in one of the most important rooms of your home that you just need to let some light in. You can take the word light to mean anything in this case, but for the most part it will have to do with letting happiness in. Maybe you need to literally let more light in because you have a vitamin deficiency. This is a possibility too. Maybe you need to go out and try to add a few more happy elements to your life. This is a possibility as well. Do some things that you love. You’ve probably spent far too much of your life just doing nothing and sitting on your desires because you were too embarrassed to really exercise them.

If you have a dream in which you are a chandelier then it means that you are the light of someone else’s life. You have done some great things and have tried very hard to let your light in to other people’s lives. You are a strong and dynamic person and you need to realize that this is the best way to make yourself known to others. You may already have a person in mind when it comes to helping to change a person’s life for the better. Maybe you don’t. But give it some time and soon you’ll find your true calling. This will lead you to a brighter future.

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