Dream Dictionary Changing Clothes

Dream Dictionary Changing Clothes

If you have a dream in which you are changing your clothes this could have many different things to say about your lifestyle.

Dream Changing Clothes
Dream Dictionary Changing Clothes, Dreaming of Changing Clothes and what it Says About You

There are many different symbolic meanings of changing your clothes and if you get a hold on what they all mean then you’ll come a little bit closer to understanding what they all mean. Changing clothes can be a bit like shedding skin, and changing clothes can also be a ritual of getting rid of all of the worst memories of the long day at the end of the day.

If you have a dream in which you are changing clothes it could be that you have just gone through something rough. This is not to say that the rough thing has just happened in the past few days. On the contrary, this is to say that the rough thing just happened in the past few hours. Or even right before you went to bed. When you are changing clothes in your dreams you are getting rid of all of the worst memories of the day and you are ready to take on the next. This is beautiful because you are getting your personality ready to handle all of the most stressful things that might happen in the next day.

If you have a dream in which you are watching someone else changing clothes then this means that you are having a bit of a crisis in understanding what a person is doing. A person changing their clothes is one of the most personal things that someone can do. You do not change clothes in front of just anyone and in fact most people prefer not to change clothes in front of anyone other than their significant other. So therefore if you have reached a state in which you are watching someone else changing clothes then you have reached a very personal and close state with someone.

Remember, this kind of dream does not have to be of a sexual nature even though it can be. This kind of dream has more to do with being closer with someone in a non sexual way. You can be friends with someone without having to be close to them and likewise you can be close to someone without being friends with the. However what this specific dream means is that you have gotten closer to someone to the point that they would even let you watch them undress, figuratively speaking of course.

If you have a dream in which you are changing clothes it means that you are getting rid of your skin. You are shedding down those parts of you that you are not comfortable with and getting rid of all of your inhibitions. At the same time you are making yourself a bit more ready to accept your new personality. You are getting ready to make a big change like a butterfly. Be prepared.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Changing Clothes

Personally_Confused 2018-12-29 22:35:00
Last night I had a dream:
I was with a friend(in my own body, however I had no idea who the friend was), when my band teacher(from real life) came and told us something. It involved us needing to go and change for picture day(or whatever). I remember at one point I asked my firend(in some sort of room next to me) does she have an extra bra(I wasn’t wearing one for some reason). Then the band teach came into my room and just stood there after putting down a pile of clothes next to me. In this pile was some high wasted shorts, a corset, and a dress. I remember that i figured she stayed to help me zip up the dress and do the corset. So I started changing and at one point she left the room. I stuck my head out the door and heard her whisper something. She said, “I couldn’t stay because I couldn’t keep my eyes off her a**.” I was so weirded out when I woke up and remembered this dream. Please tell me what this means.

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Iman 2018-09-26 03:34:13
I saw in my dream that im not taking decision whether i should go to college or not i weared uniform but later i changed but not see that im changing then i wakeup plz tell me meaning my dream

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okay 2018-09-02 05:32:39
i had a dream i was wearing some clothes normally.... it was like i was seeing the future, an whats weird is that the next day when woke up i was gonna shower an wear the same clothes, but the i froze an was like wait this seems familiar like i have already done this..confusion so then i remembered my dream that i had the same clothes in that dream an in that dream i was stressed out, i didn't wear the clothes, i decide to wear different ones, cuz i felt like if i did then i was gonna have a stressed out day like i felt in my dream. i don't know why but i felt like i had repeated my whole day again an the things I did i have already done, i felt like that..repeating day

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Therese 2015-07-11 02:46:17
i dreamt just last nught that I was about to go to an event like a party, a ball and then i was choosing a dress to wear and I was constantly changing, I can't choose which one to wear. And the thing is there were dresses that I saw which I used to wear when I was still a kid. I am not really a fan of dresses butbit appears as is I have a bunch of dress of all sorts in that dream, plain colored, polka dots, silky, flowy and all those.

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Kri 2015-04-23 14:34:49
Regarding the bad thing that happened right before you went to sleep, I would challenge/qualify the time range. Scientific studies have shown early dreams tend to deal with what you were thinking of right before going to bed. As you have more dreams through the night, they tend to pull from further back in your memory. So if you wake up in the middle of the night after a dream about changing clothes it would imply the rough thing happened just before bed. If you wake up in the morning, you will remember your final dream and therefore one that could be pulling from a broader time period.

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