Dream Dictionary Cheek

Dream Dictionary Cheek

The cheek has such a strong religious significance because it is taken from a very important biblical quote that is cited time and time again in text after text.

Dream Cheek
Dream Dictionary Cheek, Dreaming of the Cheek and what this Says About You

Essentially the basis of the quote is, if you are bothered by someone or if someone hurts you or your feelings, all you need to do is turn the other cheek. You don’t need to get revenge and you don’t need to worry about all of that stuff. All you need to do is turn the other cheek. Naturally you can guess what kind of significance this would have on your dream interpretation but if you don’t then just keep reading because all of that will be explained in great detail.

If you have a dream that involves the cheek in any way it is very likely some kind of remark on the way you have been handling conflict because this is the most important place for the cheek when it comes to metaphor. If you have been hurt by someone then theoretically, even with all religion aside, turn the other cheek, because you don’t want to start a greater conflict by fighting back and harming other people. The best and most mature thing for you to do would be to literally turn the other cheek, and if you are hurt on that side too, give them the first cheek again and see what happens then.

If you dream of a cheek it is probably because of the way you have been handling conflict, but it can come as a comment on any perspective of the spectrum at all. If you have been doing a fairly good job of turning the other cheek or a fairly good job of ignoring the pain that comes with the slaps that others give you then this might be why you are dreaming of your cheek. You are thinking about the way that you have been handling conflict and the way that you have been treated in conflict so far and considering what it’s doing to you. Even if it’s tearing you apart inside it mostly means that you’re a good person because you’re choosing to end conflict amicably rather than trying to continue it and continue all of the fighting.

If you have a dream about the cheek it could also be a remark on the way you are treating others. Are you forcing other people to always turn the other cheek for you? And then do you continue to incite violence emotionally or physically? Whatever the case is, you’re going to want to stop being a bully. Even if it feels really good now it is going to lead you nowhere in life in the future. You need to know that this is not a good path for you to take in life and that you will be in trouble for having done it. Hopefully something will intervene to teach you that all important lesson.

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