Dream Dictionary Cheese

Dream Dictionary Cheese

Cheese represents a few things but one of the things that it most represents is fat.

Dream Cheese
Dream Dictionary Cheese, Dreaming of Cheese and what it Means About You

The fact is, despite the fact that the government tells you that you should have dairy and despite the fact that dairy is pushed so heavily, you are only supposed to eat it in small quantities. When you go overboard on cheese, you end up getting fat and that’s just the sad truth of the matter. The other thing that cheese represents is diversity because there are so many different kids and so many different flavors in the world out there. It’s important to note just how important it is if you want to know what it means to dream of cheese.

To dream that you are not eating enough cheese or that there is a lot of cheese around you and you are refusing it suggests that you’re doing a good job of setting yourself to an appropriate weight goal. Too much cheese is way bad for you and if you eat too much of it you will get fat. Do the responsible thing and say no to cheese in high doses. Even if your body tells you that you want it, you probably don’t actually need it and going for too much cheese is just going to bring you pain in the future. Don’t put yourself through all that. Just say no to excessive amounts of cheese and you’ll be doing alright for yourself.

If you have a dream in which you are eating too much cheese this means that you have just been a bit too slobby lately. You are not doing a good job of holding yourself to a high standard; In fact the standard that you’re holding yourself to is a pretty low one. Try eating less cheese and being less fat, instead focus on being happy doing healthy things instead of hurting your body. No matter how badly you want cheese, you should know its bad for you and accept that. Don’t hurt yourself; you’ll only make things worse.

To dream that you are surrounded by cheese might be a remark on how lowly you value your own intelligence. There is an old insult in which you call someone a cheese head and it makes them feel pretty bad. If you have a dream in which there is cheese all around, suddenly you should feel bad because cheese is not a very intelligent thing. The reason that the phrase cheese head came about is because cheese looks like its full of a lot of hard stuff, but really it’s soft and there’s not much to it. To dream that you have cheese all around means you think you have done some pretty unintelligent stuff lately. You should start valuing your own intelligence more. It will be better for you in the long run. This will lead you to a greater future, by having a higher self esteem and by valuing yourself just a bit more than you already do.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Cheese

LINDA 2015-08-04 15:05:30
Loreen ignore what people say and go by you...your self esteem is down girl and eating in dreams means you are trying to "fill yourself with something that is good and yummy in life" I say go within and let your soul feed you AND guide you. there is no bad only what others influence us to think which is out there so repeat a mantra to yourself ie "I am a lovable worthwhile being, I fill myself with sacred Love. I AM a good person" In life the only person who can fill me is me...love others but most of all love yourself first. this is not selfish its called self care. I hope this helps you...

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Loreen 2014-05-26 06:34:30
I am so tired of dreams..I have dreamt that I was eating in dream..but once my mum said if you see yourself that you are eating cheese in your dream that represents bad things...so I read this I just got confused...please anybody tell me the right meaning....

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