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Cheetahs are known for two things mainly, their incredible speed, and their incredibly deadly pounce. They will come out of the woodwork to prey on all of the animals around them, jarring them and scaring them into submission. When an animal does not act the way that they like they will follow it for as long as it can hold out until it finally dies and then they will rip it apart for challenging them in the first place. They are also known for being some of the deadliest cats in the world next to female lions. Now we will tell you what all of this has to do with your dream and dream interpretation.

To dream of a cheetah could be a remark upon your strength, specifically if you dream that you are a cheetah. That means that this is a dream which is trying to recall your level of strength and how strong you are to other people. You put up a front like you are pretty scary and you are a pretty scary individual yourself without needing to put up a front probably.

The thing that goes along with that though is that it could be just as easily about weakness of you know this about a cheetah. As stated earlier in the introduction paragraph, as it turns out, because of adaptation, cheetahs have been losing a lot of body mass. They have been growing leaner and they have been losing bone density as well in order to make them faster. Unfortunately, how small they are means that they will be hungrier. And the fact that they are hungrier than usual will mean that they need to go out and eat more often. But because they lost so much bone density, every time they go out to catch some prey, they run the risk of breaking a leg and putting them out of commission forever, with nobody to treat them. Therefore you are putting up a strong front to cover up a crippling weakness.

The easiest way on interpreting a dream in which you are a cheetah though is speed. Cheetahs are known for their speed and it is what makes them so famous. If you have a dream in which you are a cheetah it means you are a fast person. You probably get bored with things fast, you make your decisions fast, to live life in the fast lane and it is just what you do. This is what life is all about for you. Unfortunately you’re going to need to make sure that you don’t make your decisions too fast or you will end up digging yourself a hole that you can’t get out of. Don’t do this to yourself. Make more responsible decisions and end up not choosing things so fast or you will get yourself into trouble.
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Kayla 2017-10-03 16:29:49
I've dreamt of a cheetah twice and both times it was friendly. The first time it ran with me when i was trying to escape a kidnapping and it looked like it knew me. This time i had to carry it and it was playing with me.

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Nigel 2017-09-21 08:42:30
I dreamt I went to this shrine to pray and as I approached I saw a cheetah laying down.. As soon as I saw it I ran but it caught me and bite me on the neck..

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em 2017-06-14 19:12:33
i had a dream that i was a cheetah but before was a person. i was being hunted by humans and i saw my "sister" and wanted to be with her. it was so weird!!

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Ken5 2017-05-03 15:07:27
I dreamed that two baby cheetahs were playing with me while I was sleeping and it was afternoon time two days later I found that I was pregnant.

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Radhikaaa 2017-03-11 17:41:08
I saw dream that cheetah enter my old home from terrace door , where I used to live in my childhood , and my mother saving me although by closing door of drawing-room and , then suddenly lion enter from terrace , and she send me to other room and block cheetah in drawing room and I was very scared and suddenly my dream broke and I wake up...
That's all
Please help as I am going through bad phase of life in my marriage.

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Tina 2017-01-29 00:56:14
I Dreamt I had something in my hands that people were after me for. I found myself in a shady place and palm trees around when a cheetah appeared. I called her (yes I knew it was female and she seemed to be my friend/pet. I don't know. So a here a voice in my head say give it to "her/ cheetah's name" and I did she grabbed it (what I was holding) in her mouth. And she andI u derstoid eavh other telepathically. And I saw where she would wait for me. So the people chasing me didn't want me but what I was holding in my hands (I don't know what that was) but I did know that even if they caught up to her, they would never get it from her and she would kill anyone who tried. We (the cheetah & I) knew where would meet up again. I woke up saying her name over and over woke up talking in my sleep.

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You're all nutz 2016-12-15 22:25:54
you guys are all pipe dreamers. My dream was I was being chased by a bunch of people. I went to a public washroom,where my one eye wouldn't open,,I splashed water from the sink so I could open that eye, as I forced it open I could see a cheetah coloured eyeball ,,my normal brown eye was trying too push the black n orange eye out of my head,,I know a gal friends,who wears a cheetah coloured bra,,and play's Yahtzee with cheetah coloured dice,,haven't remembered a dream in years,,,definitely this one is taboo,,,but living to fast,,digging own grave,,,but that's fine,,

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Suzanne 2016-11-21 19:40:16
I was in a jeep, and four cheetahs enter inside the jeep, and all four of the cheetah were very loving towards me, what does that mean?

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Bob 2016-08-08 14:39:58
I was in my garden in a car looking down to the road where a cheetah was lying openly in wait on the other side of the road. On this side of the road was a large monkey under a tree. the cheetah wasn't too interested in the monkey. Nevertheless it got up and crossed the road when it saw something of interest in my garden. It walked up to the car and looked in to see a small bunch of us. It was amused that I was making funny faces at it, so decided to walk over to the other side of the car where I was, but my body was halfway through the window. I tried hard to get back in, but the window was a bit tight, so it took me a while to get back in. I was just getting my head in when the cheetah came round to my side . . . then I woke up. Whew!

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Rad bro 2016-08-05 23:04:34
I had an odd dream that I was a cheetah. Walking in a regular town area and people did notice me but they did not care much so later in my dream people took me and put me into washing mashine to attempt to hurt me but that did not hurt me. After a while I experienced what running at around 70 to 60 mph felt like and it felt really good! Later in my dream people kept putting me into washing mashines with the fast spin cycle on. After a while when the washing was over. I was a regular person at the end of my dream and the cheetah that I was was standing behind me and I hugged it and it hugged me back. (That was an odd dream.. And the town was a town in a desert area... Odd I like futuristic and modern looking houses and towns..)

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anonymous 2016-02-11 08:27:06
today, i dreamt i was in a party. and it was in a garden...grass everywhere... annd a man comes dressed as cheetah....am talking with him and he falls on knees laughing..den i bent down nd kiss d corner of his lips..nd jst whn i pull bck he is smiling nd i hear a roar behind me nd screams everywhere around.... people yelling dat some cheetah has arrived.

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Varshit 2016-01-15 04:52:29
A cheetah came into a parking lot and i escaped from it later i trued to take a picyure of it but failed

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Melissa 2015-11-01 23:51:29
I had a dream the cheetah came to my house and my brothers and my self were outside. I was the first one to get inside the house because I was fast. I was Ganna call them to get inside but the cheetah was too strong. I didn't know what to do to. They were all calling me for help and well I didn't want to just leave them there. By the time I was opening the door I seen all them hurt suprisly I didn't found them yk being eaten but they were also trying to beat the cheetah. I opened the door so my sister can come the cheetah came by me and I tried hitting it hard as I can in front of me as I can but then I woke up. I got scared even if I woke up lol.

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Thor 2015-09-03 22:47:04
I had a dream I was in a jungle sitting on a vine with somebody when I saw the shadow of a king cobra in a small body of water. The Cobra was hiding and I could only see its shadow, then the shadow became a Cheeta's tail. The cheetah quickly came over to the vine I was sitting on with the person and looked at us both then spoke "you get out of here" to the person I was with, who then ran off, and then "you come with me", to me. Then I woke up.


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L 2015-08-25 11:56:23
Mine the cheetah was chasing a chicken and catch it then,i took the cheetah picture????

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