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Child abuse is a serious symbolic allegory. If you do something bad to a child you can go to jail for a very long time if you get caught. And if you happen to believe in heaven and hell, then hurting a child can get you an express ticket right to the devil’s left hand. Abusing a child is like abusing that sense of hopefulness and joy and in a way it is more of an attack on an ideal instead of a child when it comes to allegory of course. This is the meaning of what happens when you dream of a child or of child abuse.

If you have a dream in which you are abusing a child it means that you are a bit sado-masochistic. Even though you are not hurting yourself and the pain in the dream is mostly being inflicted on the child, it is still a remark on your inner feelings. Anything that you see in your dreams is going to have a connection you your inner beliefs and ideals because it is all an extension of you and of your thoughts. What it means when you beat up a child is that you are beating up that sense of hope and happiness in yourself. Children are the pinnacle of innocence and hope and ideals and all of those nice and hopeful things. You are beating up your innocence and delivering yourself a message of sadness and hate when you commit child abuse in your dreams.

If you have a dream in which you witness child abuse and you don’t do anything about it, this means that you feel guilty about something. The only time that you would do something like this is if you were a bad person and to act like this in your dreams, it means that you think that you are a bad person. Regardless of what you’ve actually done and regardless of how you are viewed by society, speaking just from a completely biased point of view (your own) you are thinking that you did something wrong, do you are having dreams about you doing something even worse.

If you have a dream that you are a child and that you are being beaten up, this dream of child abuse means that you are probably thinking back about the tough times that you had in your childhood. It is either that, or you are considering how tough your life has been recently or you are also feeling disproportionately weak to how you should be feeling. You are not thinking about your childhood in this case what you are thinking about is the fact that you feel powerless to stop the treatment that you’ve been getting recently. If there’s anything you can think of to help you, then you should do it.
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