Dream Dictionary Child

Dream Dictionary Child

The child is a strong symbol for being able to pass on your intelligence and your experience.

Dream Child
Dream Dictionary Child, Dreaming of a Child and what it May Mean

The reason that adults have children, aside from the biological imperative that is implanted in our heads to make us want to have children is because of the idea that we would be able to pass on some of our beliefs and ideas to the next generation. Even though you spend all of your childhood and teenage years telling yourself that you absolutely won’t let yourself grow into your parents or turn into a version of your parents, you end up spending all of your adulthood telling yourself that you secretly want your kids to turn out just like you.

If you have a dream in which you are a child this means that you aren’t getting enough playtime. You want to be able to go out and have some fun but you aren’t letting yourself really have the time to do it. Even though it might seem like it is a little strange for you to participate in playtime or in doing childlike activities, it is still something which you are going to need to do eventually or you’ll end up driving yourself crazy. You need to have some playtime no matter what this means for you .You don’t need to actually go out and play swords or play cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians and all of those little kid games. But you do need to go out and do something that should be fun for you.

If you have a dream that you are a child it could also be because you feel like you just don’t get something. Someone is probably discussing something complicated with you and it just isn’t making any sense. Obviously it is difficult to understand something that just isn’t seeping into your brain, but if you spend a little bit more of your time and energy coming up with ways to make sure that you retain information and ways to make sure that you truly start to get all of the information that’s being placed in front of you.

If you have a dream in which children are involved in some other way then this probably means that you have a generally childlike sensibility about you. All you can do is think about the fact that you want to be a child and that you need to go out and have fun. Of course you can embrace your inner child without needing to always go out and have fun and play around all the time, but you do need to know that it is not okay to be too childlike all the time. You need to be strong and be adult in the situations that call for that attitude.

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