Dream Dictionary Chin

Dream Dictionary Chin

Your chin is not an important part of your face as far as anything else is concerned.

Dream Chin
Dream Dictionary Chin, Dreaming of a Chin and what it Means About You

In fact most people don’t know that really, your chin isn’t even all that important to the opposite sex. Men don’t seem to care much about the chin at all on a woman. And even though a woman does like a well defined chin on a man, if he doesn’t have one with those qualities; it is never a deal breaker. Though, in some cases there are people that can’t accept a person if they don’t have a chin. The chin does determine a lot about how you are perceived socially because of that. If you’d like to know what any of this has to do with dream interpretation then just keep on reading.

If you dream that you have a well formed chin it means that you are considering your more masculine aspects or that you have been thinking about your masculinity lately. Even if you’re a woman reading this, the same thing still applies. It means you have been considering those most masculine features of yourself and this is important to you. You don’t need to be embarrassed if you are a woman having this dream. Everyone needs to be able to display those qualities of themselves because everyone has them. If you shirked your more feminine ways as a male then it would be just as sad. You need to be able to embrace all aspects of yourself and this is what the chin dream is trying to tell you.

If you are having a dream in which you do not have a chin then it means that your weight is a concern. Even if you’re not fat in your dream or excessive fat doesn’t actually come along with the chin, you are still thinking about being fat since the chin is one of the first details that start to go away when you become fat. Likewise, the same thing is true if you dream that you have multiple chins. When you grow overweight, either your face becomes so round that you have no chin anymore or you get so many rolls of fat that it looks like you have two or three chins.

Either way, this kind of chin dream means you are considering the fact you might be putting on a bit too much weight. You could try to start cutting down on all the fats you are eating. You could also try cutting down on a few other things and that might lead to you having a bit more flexibility when it comes to your diet. You can also go out and try to exercise a bit more too. Even if you’re not actually getting fat, you still need to do something about your exercise plan and your diet to keep these dreams away.

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