Dream Dictionary Church, Cathedral

Dream Dictionary Church, Cathedral

One of the main things that cathedrals are associated with are rules and order.

Dream Church, Cathedral
Dream Dictionary Church, Cathedral, Attending Church in Your Sleep: Dreaming of a Cathedral and what it Says About You

If you dream of a cathedral it probably means that you desire to have a bit more discipline in your life. This does not necessarily have to have a religious connection for you. Many people that claim to be atheists or agnostic, even people of religions completely unassociated with Christianity, will dream of a cathedral every now and then and it is a completely natural desire to have these dreams or to dream of these things.

When you have no relationship with religion and dream of a cathedral what it really means is just that you need to have a bit more responsibility and order in your life. You desire to take a bit more control over yourself and treat yourself with a bit more respect and dignity. It could also be a message to treat your friends and family with more respect and dignity too. You need to have a little more control over your life and your desires. This is another thing associated with discipline, the ability to deny yourself.

Perhaps you have been falling for temptation too often. Sometimes religion likes to paint temptation as being related to the desire to sin. Even if you do not believe something like gluttony or pre-marital sex is a sin, you have to admit that you’re not doing anything good for yourself when you participate in these activities too much. You are harming yourself physically and spiritually and it would be best for you to stop this behavior before it gets too out of control.

To dream that you are praying in a cathedral if you are religious means that you need to have more religious fervor for your beliefs. Somewhere along the way you may have stopped having such a great connection with your religion. You may feel like you are still a believer but maybe you stopped attending church or started sleeping through the sermons. Even if you are a believer still, there are still ways that you could probably hold yourself to a higher standard and make sure that you continue to love your religion.

Sometimes sermons may seem boring, but you need to treat them as if they were coming from the mouth of god himself. This is not the same as worshiping idols; it just means you are giving your reverend, pastor, or preacher the respect that he deserves. When you are dreaming of praying in a cathedral but you are not such a religious person, this usually means that you need to have a bit more of a strong connection with your spirituality. Even if you do not believe in an organized religion, there is some aspect of spirituality in the lives of everyone and it is up to you to reawaken that part of yourself that used to believe.

Dreaming of a cathedral generally has something to do with how much of a control freak you can be too, especially if you are the one leading the cathedral. The only people that really like to have more rules and more order in their already sad and depressed lives are those people that wish to lord over others as well. Don’t be one of those people. Try to let some tings slide and quit jumping down people’s throats.

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