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There are about two different solid definitions of what it would mean if a person were climbing from one place to another in your dreams and they have to do with what direction you are climbing in. There are three different main directions you can climb in. You can climb horizontally, you can climb vertically and you can climb downwards, and each of these will have its own definition and understanding of the dream meaning of your climbing image. What do all of these traits and directions have to do with the interpretation of your dream though? Find out here.

When you see climbing in your dreams it is always a depiction of the amount of work you put into something versus the amount of success you have at doing that. If you have a dream in which you are climbing a mountain or you have a dream in which you are climbing a hill, the only difference will be in the size of the victory (or lack of a victory depending on which direction you’re climbing in). No matter what you do, you are going to end up having something to do with how much success you have in life.

If you have a dream where you are climbing upwards against something like a ladder or a hill, then it means that your hard work will end up taking you great places. You have been putting in a lot of strenuous hours lately and it is making you a little bit underpowered. However because you are trying so hard to get from one spot to another it is actually working and it is proving that you are putting in a lot of effort and getting a lot out of your work as well. Basically the message of this dream is that your hard work is not going to go unrewarded.

If you have a dream in which you are climbing down something it means that you are reneging on something or that you have given up trying. A goal that you were trying to reach was just too hard and you ended up not being able to accomplish it. It would be easier to go all the way down from where you are then it would be to continue going up. This is a valid choice, but don’t expect it to lead you to a lot of money or fame or recognition, or anything else really. Quitters never win.

If you have a dream where you are climbing horizontally then this means that despite all of the work you’re doing you aren’t making any progress. You are trying to find the way up the ladder but it just isn’t happening. You are going nowhere in life and yet you continue to keep going forward because you at least aren’t going downwards. Even if it feels like progress, as it turns out, it really isn’t. And going nowhere is just that, going nowhere. It is not helping you at all. Just give it up and go down, or try a different route all together.
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Wow 2017-02-09 11:46:38
I woke up at 5.15, it was a hot still night, my face was covered by sweat. The moon must?ve been shining all night but have just started disappeared leading the night into the darkness again.. there was still some light in the room. I looked at the room and the sight has spooked me - I saw a shape of a Grim Reaper on the door (created by a shadow of a night gown and a hat hanging on a hook). I then remembered the dream, the reason why I woke up in sweat.

Climbing Down the Tower - or an open Skyscraper dream. The building seemed like it was somewhere in Europe, it looked similar to the Eureka in Melbourne or Q1 on the Gold Coast. We were on the roof top and the building was deteriorating fast. I don?t know who were the other people must I must?ve known them. Time was running out and I was packing my cameras. I realised I had them with me and they were really bulky and uncomfortable. Nonetheless, I was taking them with me. I have vertigo in real life and I also had it in the dream trying to delay the descent on the outside steel ladder as long as I could.

There was no staircase, only metal stairs attached to a concrete wall, I don't remember seeing the round safety steel brackets earlier but later just before I woke up it was definitely there. I couldn?t get myself to start descending, my backpack because of its heaviness could jeopardise my efforts and I could fall, but it didn?t cross my mind to leave the valuable equipment there.

When the skyscraper started changing, looking more skewed and stretching taller than before, it was time to go. Someone was there to help me with first steps. I looked down and couldn?t see anything but a body of water in the first meter of the outdoor ladder.

I thought it was strange I had to climb down through the water and how does the water stay contained in the air. I thought my thoughts were all distractions from the fact that o had to climb down eventually.

When I woke up and saw a Grim Reaper shape, I thought about death and the three times this week people driving on the opposite lane crossed the white line in front of us, probably being on their mobile phones or distracted other ways.

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Doly 2015-08-29 19:43:49
I had a dream about standing near a huge waterfall with one friend, the water was so clearly and the sceneary was very beautiful, even I touched the water and it was so cold. Suddenly the water level came up where we were standing, and there was no way out to escape except a huge rock/mountain beside the waterfall, so to save our life we climb up the rock/mountain which was too straight and high as well. Finally with less effort we reached the top and it was a place of surprise, the place from where we can see the moon easily. ......please send the dream analysis to me.

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Andrew 2017-11-26 01:15:49
The waterfall can symbolize a number of things...i would look at in within the context of the other items of your dream which is the rising water (waterfall also being water) and both water and the moon indicate and symbolize emotion ..or your emotional being. water and moon are the most obvious of symbols for emotion.....but it is interesting that there was a waterfall and a rock face which you climbed...these suggest a kind of adventurousness, risk taking , danger , boldness, fearlessness, exhilaration...in addition to the waterfall's connection with emotion (because water suggests emotion)...it is also a spiritual/magical/ cleansing/ purity all wrapped into one symbol. Only you can truly interpret what this means for you...was your friend a part of this ?...in other words is it about him/her ?...partly about him/her ?...or are they just present as a witness or bystander (as a friend )?

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clark scott 2015-04-07 09:13:58
i dreamed of climbing down several times in a dream but every time i made it down easily. I was trying to reach a friend in the dream. So i doubt it was about failing or being hesitant. At the end i watched myself in a replay and saw i did all this with very little effort and then seemed to fall back into my body and awaken

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Albert george 2014-07-15 17:44:19
I often get a dream as i run through buildings and i cling to something and i am running i feel i am searching someone or a thing and also its like a building like a free running i have been getting these dreams for about 6 years now please help me or mail me at georgeprep07@gmail.com

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Casey 2014-07-14 00:43:19
I had a dream and it was not clear, i always dreamt my old home or my old places, sometimes i dreamt that i walked on the streets on my old place.what does it mean?

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denisse 2014-04-04 20:55:11
i had a dream, i dont know if its a hill or not, but when me and my friends reached the top, we saw a water fall, and we slept at the top. We have our blankets and such, but it's so uncomfortable.

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Kacey 2014-02-11 22:30:48
I've had many dreams where I have climbed over objects or piles of things or up buildings or trees, to get to a destination.And then something happens at the destination. But what does the climbing mean there?

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Jeanne 2013-12-07 23:51:04
I dream that I can climb high,but when it's time to get down, I can't! I'm terrified!

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Jordan 2013-05-05 16:03:05
I had a dream that i was on top of a building and i had to park my heals half off the room (very high) and half on the building.. so i jump.. penguin dived stright down felt like i was taking a heart attack, then to my suprize i was still alive. i ran up a building and it seemd gravity was delayed as i ran up using my hands very little with ease, as i approached the top i became extreamly scarde of heights and had a horrible trip down, inch by inch it took hours, when i said i couldn't do it anymore i looked down and the ground was only a step away. after that i awoke,, *(i had several other dreams in one dream like...5 dreams i can remember) when i woke up i was sweaty and scarde...anyone want to explain this>?

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Janine 2012-06-07 08:14:57
tnx. i always wonder why i dream about this kind of stuffs .. this helps a lot! ^.^

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