Dream Dictionary Cloud

Dream Dictionary Cloud

If you have a dream in which you see a cloud or in which you come across a cloud you are probably concerned with what that means.

Dream Cloud
Dream Dictionary Cloud, Dreaming of a Cloud and what this Means

The type of cloud matters very much here and whether there was anything to go along with that cloud too, like other kinds of bad weather, wind, etc. Each dream definition will have a different level of significance and a different meaning depending on what you end up dreaming of and how your attitude is. What do all the cloud traits have to do with your dream interpretation? Find out here.

If you have a dream in which you are seeing bouncy and beautiful clouds or you are looking up at a cloud that is nicely shaped and may even seem like another thing, then this means you are thinking of your fanciful nature. You have probably had a high imagination level up to this point. Many children don’t exactly carry that whimsical nature into adulthood with themselves, but they can and if you have a dream like this then it means that you have probably taken that nature with you into adulthood as well. You are probably a bit of a childlike adult, but not in a bad way and not having any of the bad traits of childlikeness.

If you have a dream in which you see these same kinds of clouds, the bouncy fluffy beautiful ones, and they are spinning away pretty quickly or the wind is carrying them away at a fast rate, this symbolizes the fleetingness of your desires. Now all you can do is think about the fact that when you really want to do something, you start it half way and then you end up thinking about something else that you should be doing instead. There are all kinds of ways that you can prevent this but if you don’t think you have it in you to just buckle down and accept that sometimes you aren’t able to meet your own expectations then this dream will probably just be depressing for you.

If you have a dream of gray clouds it means that you are in a sad or depressed mood. You are thinking about all of the sad things in life and they’ve really got you down this time. It will only make you sadder to know that sometimes it is just impossible to get past a moment like this without waiting. Time will heal all wounds but sometimes that isn’t fast enough. In any case, the clouds being gray are just an indication of the mood that you’re in and nothing more.

If you have a dream in which all the clouds around you are stormy and black it means that you are going through a period of anger and a stormy attitude. You are reflecting on something bad that happened to you recently and it is making you petty miffed. This is what happens when an angry cloud comes in.

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Thornoaks 2013-10-14 17:23:08
I had a dream last night about bad weather. It was about me, my mom, and 3 of my friends. I will skip the beginning because I don't remember it too well. "Everyone was on their balcony with a weird square shaped umbrella that was big enough to cover the whole balcony and were sitting there so still that they were like statues (not that I could see them). I was in a different apartment building with my 3 friend and my mom and we went up the outside metal stairs to the roof. When we got on the roof all we could see was clouds. There were only storm clouds. The weather man said that there would be rock showers and tornados today but I didn't think that was true till I saw it. It somehow started raining and then one of my friends disappeared down the steps. It was scary. Then this ghost came and took my mo by the hand and she disappeared with the ghost. Then I somehow ended up at the bottom of the stairs with my two friends and we looked outside and saw rocks falling from the sky. We jumped back just before we got hit by a boulder. I told my 7 year old friend to stay in the corner where it has a little thing sticking out just above her head and went back up the stairs. I went to what I thought was the end of the roof but only saw more clouds. There was a patch of gray cloud on the roof and I started going towards it. But before I got to it, it started swirling. I was already clinging to the top of the roof like I was trying to climb a cliff without a rope. Then my 10 year old friend ran down the steps back to the 7 year old. I was making my way back to the stairs right after I saw it going into tornado formation. When I got back down, my two friends were gone and my other friend was there. We went into his apartment and he went back out the door. I looked In my pockets and pulled out a jumble of cards. I dropped them on the floor and ran outside. I went back to the stairs and went up them. I was determined to get my mother back. I didn't go to far when I ran into my friend and his bug net doors. They blocked my way to the roof. I said 'let me in' and he quickly went to the door." I never got to the end because my mom woke me up for school.

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