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A clown is a person that can really scare someone or a person that can really make someone happy and there is not much in between, especially when it has to do with dream interpretation. In fact, interpretation will depend entirely on you having a strong reaction to clowns in some way. You could hate them and be afraid of them or you could love them and find them to be entertaining. Clowns can be scary and clowns can be funny, but rarely are they ever actually evil or scary. If you’d like to know what it means when you dream of a clown or what these traits have to do with clowns then just keep reading to find out.

If you have a dream in which you are being entertained by a clown or a dream in which a clown is putting on an act for you, and you are the type of person that does enjoy clowns, then this could be your reward that your mind is giving you for just having had to go through something awful. The clown is trying to raise your spirits and let you know that everything is going to be alright. This is what clowns are meant to do, make you happy. And hopefully he or she is doing his or her job because clowns are great fun when they are actually doing well and doing what they are supposed to do.

Alternatively the clown could be trying to help you get through a tough time in a different way, by trying to teach you to laugh things off. There are some situations in life which you can only get through if you do a lot of reflection and a lot of thought on what you are dealing with. On the other hand there are some situations which, no matter how frustrating, can be surpassed as soon as you accept the fact that you need to laugh things off in order to be happy. Laughing things off may not see the appropriate thing to do literally at the moment, but it is something which will help you cope with a tough situation later on. You need to laugh more in your life.

If you are the type of person that is generally scared of clowns or finds them to be repulsive, then when you dream of a clown that is trying to entertain you it is probably because someone in your life has been trying to antagonize you and it hasn’t been making you feel so hot. Nobody likes being bothered or being emotionally damaged and the more that you really get pushed into that situation, the worse you’re going to feel. Then the dream the clown takes the place of your antagonist. The antagonist could be a real person or it could be a situation or something non-physical, but whatever it is, you are dealing with an annoyance and the clown is there because of it.
The text A clown is basically just a man or a woman that puts on excessive amounts of makeup in a funny fashion such as in the shape of a cartoonish smile or something like that. is a property of Goto horoscope Com. And belong to category Dream Dictionary
PC 2015-07-29 19:55:59
i had a dream, i was in this chinese carpet shop thing with my older sis and mom. i was wearing a rainbow dash necklace and a clown necklace, it had dark blue beads as the string. the ladies who worked there were telling to me take off my clown necklace, so i did. they set it down on a little table and started saying these really weird things. then it started moving toward me and they told me to run. for some reason i hopped on my moms back then went running around the place. then i got the idea if i jumped off and landed on the necklace i could then pick it up without it getting to me. and it worked so i picked it up and turned around and said "i got i--" everyone was dead except for my sister who was outside once i put it on the table. then the necklace broke into little bits and my sister was making hand jesters for me to come outside where she was. at the end we waited because we had no car and this guy comes up to us and asks if we need a ride, and we say yes. im not sure if the necklace was possessed or not but im pretty sure it was. i even looked it up on another site and it but it wasnt exact so i choose "Evil Clown" and it said the Devil, that's the point i freaked out....  :(  :ups:  ?)  :bad:

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Ashley 2015-07-22 04:28:15
Last night I had a dream where there were two clowns. One was all colorful like a normal clown and the other one was wearing black. And in the dream had my family and everywhere we went the clowns went until finally in the dream I pass my friends and I go into water and they disappear. What does this mean because I'm not afraid of clowns.

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Geneva 2015-06-14 11:49:00
I've dreamed about a clown with sharp teeth and it bit me on the finger, it didn't peirce my flesh but I got my hand away from the clown, the clown continue to bite on me but couldn't as I continue to dream I tryed to scream for help but my mouth couldn't open to let the sounds of the scream out but anyhow I later in the dream I began to laugh and the clown went away. What does this mean?.

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The happy clown 2015-06-07 14:35:43
I had a dream that I was bored waiting for my parents to do something, and then a clown popped into the room. He went around on ice skates and made me laugh! I really like clowns, so this clown was probably trying to make me happy and not bored. And it worked!

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It the clown 2015-05-23 18:13:17
I had a dream that it the clown was after me and my friends but it turned out that in the end it just brought me and my friends closer together because we had to live in my backyard and the clown wouldn't come back there unless he went through the garage. So when he did come back there I would sleep with my bible right by my side..and that's when I awoken from my dream and tried to go back to sleep to finish it...  :(  :ups:

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Natassja Phillips 2015-04-14 07:09:18
I Had a dream about a misunderstood clown named Stanley. He started in his own movie called "Stanley the crazy clown". Where he is suppose to be a killer unstable clown that hacks up people, children, and babies with an axe. But the neighborhood he lives in can't separate the difference between reality and make-believe so once everybody sees the movie, they start to treat Stanley the clown like he's dangerous and then the neighbors soon start to torment him. Someone in the neighborhood calls the police to get Stanley the clown out of their neighborhood. Once the police comes they see Stanley with a dozen balloons that he wanted to give to the people to prove that he is not a dangerous clown. They drive up towards him and ask him his name and to get into the police car. Stanley tries to explain himself, he says this, "Look I'm just walking around to give away these balloons I paid for, I haven't done anything wrong". But the police say this, "That's not what we heard about Stanley the crazy clown", then Stanley cries out, "That was just a movie". But the police make him get in the car anyway. But they don't handcuff him in the back sit as they drive off. The police on the right in the car then says, "Relax clown boy, we know you're not dangerous we've been watching you for quite sometime since the last person called us about you, we've witness how people have been treating you and vandalizing your property, we even saw you get beat up a few times", the officer finished, Stanley continues the conversation with a, "Yeah it was a fight, big guys against one defenseless clown, me" Stanley ends sadly. The office explain that they are going to put him in a witness protection hide out place even if he's not a witness to a crime to keep him hidden until everything about him being a killer clown dies down and people are back to normal. They take him to an apartment area where lots of people are in hiding. Stanley the clown later makes friends with a female house keeper and an elderly black man after an eviction notice man tried to evict the elderly man out of his apartment.This makes Stanley the clown so angry that he grabs a brick and gets ready to throw it, but the house keeper girl stops him saying, "No don't, you don't want to be look at as a violent clown do you?" so he then drops the brick and runs towards the eviction notice man. Stanley stops this man by hoping on his back and pressing a pressure point in his neck making him drop to the floor, the female house keeper and elderly man are impress. The three friends blackmail the eviction notice man to where he decide to forget about the eviction notice on the old man. Then I start to wake up, so this dream was not about myself, but about a clown character that needed a fresh start. I don't know what this dream means but maybe it sort of relates to the hardship of my life that I have been through like a circus act of a clown and maybe this dream is telling me I may need a fresh start.

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Jaclyn 2015-01-28 08:53:30
I dreamt a group of tiny clowns was in my apartment, right outside my bedroom. Then they came in, climbed the bed, and ststrted poking me with tiny, sharp weapons. That's when I woke up.  :ups:

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shygirl 2014-11-18 11:53:06
I close my eyes and see this clown and its slow smile. It is scary and its the same dream every night. I never get past the same part as i wake terrified.

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lol 2014-03-20 08:16:04
I had a dream about a clown chasing me - and clowns really freak me out  :ups:

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yurvi 2013-01-04 18:02:32
gud interpretation and quite interesting!!!>''<

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