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Coconuts are regarded strangely by popular culture. While people have generally seemed to embrace the coconut as a form of sustenance, it still seems to reside in a strange area of the consciousness where people donít really consider it as a fruit, a nut, or a vegetable. And if it comes from nature and canít be qualified as a fruit or vegetable then people usually have a tough time placing it at all when it comes to its use as a dinner table item. What does this say about the coconut though, or what does it mean as far as your dream is concerned. This and all other questions will be answered.

Because the coconut is such an oddball in nature, when you have a dream about a coconut it could be because something strange or perplexing has entered your life. There is some new influence in your day to day life that you are having trouble understanding or there is something about your life that you are having trouble coping with. This could be because you subconsciously believe that you have been acting strange even though you shouldnít. This could also be because you have met someone new that acts fairly strange or is not what you might think a normal person should be. This makes the most sense as to what the coconut might mean in your dreams if none of the other explanations apply to you.

If you have a dream in which you are a coconut then this probably means that you are putting on a tough exterior even though you do not believe that you are tough on the inside. In fact you know you are not tough on the inside because the flesh of the coconut is very soft and easily edible. Yet, the outside is so rough and firm. Coconuts are some of the most hard to consume items just because their exteriors (despite how furry they look) are actually pretty tough. They are like rocks, and often need to be cracked open on something like a rock if you donít have a very strong knife ready. Even if you do have a knife youíll also need an incredibly steady grip in order to make sure that you donít cut yourself while you are getting things ready. Basically, donít put on a tough exterior if you arenít actually tough, because it is just causing people to be repelled by you. You wonít make any friends this way and it will make social situations awkward.

If you have a dream where you are a coconut and someone else is trying to eat you, this means that your tough exterior has not been working. Even though you have tried your best to be sour and unappealing to others, there are still people that want to get to know you and pick your brain so to speak. Therefore you might as well give up the act and try to make some friends. Otherwise youíll just lead yourself into ruin, which is never good for anyone.

The coconut is also hard and sometimes referred to like a head of another creature, or it is likened to a human head. To dream that you are eating a coconut or using a coconut could mean that you feel like you are a little bit hard headed. You need to learn to accept other peopleís opinions and other peoples loves and desires. You are no more important than anyone else in this world, and likely you are not the smartest man alive either.
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Bianca 2014-11-11 14:48:36
First I put 2 small size nuts in my mouth as I was squirrel. I lost on and forgot about the other one until I started to choke on it. Then I spit it out and started to dig in it.. Until I got to the inside. . Then I realized that it was a coconut! The must delicious and the sweetest coconut ever! I was eating it and celebrating every bite of it. What does that mean? I currently am in a new situation and I'm out of balance,strangling with my mom's illness so everything what you explained before is true to me. How about eating it? Thanks.

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Victoria 2014-10-10 12:40:22
Coconut in another sense represents the womb.Sometimes seeing it in your dream simply means something hideous should be looked out for,other times it simply means a new life is developing in you.Its also a blessing undisguised,since its water is medicinal and its usefulness tOo.
Coconut is very useful,it has lots of usage here in Africa.it back can be used for fuelling firewood fire.It can be used for candies,it can be used for coconut oil,it can be used for cream,it can be used in preparing Rice etc.So you can see its also a sign of a hideous and unexpected blessing coming your way.Breaking it may mean a breakthrough in some cases,since its not really easy to break a coconut,you may be coming out of a tough time.For a dead aunt to give you a coconut,it simply means a message of a situation you must be going through@ that time in life,she's trying to let you know it ll be tough,but you ll come out of it.Watering a coconut is improvement,but you ll need hardwork.Look @ it this way.A coconut tree is a blessed tree,its not only a tree that knows no season,its leaves re used for brooms,Then its fruits comes in multitudes,its abundance of wealth,its like seeing a palm tree in your dream.Palm trees knows no season,its fruits re useful,its nut is also useful,its stems etc.Its has mysterious power to cure or fade charms.yes! The new leaf that grows @ the middle @ the top is used as a spiritual leaf,the water that it cups in that middle during rainfall,is used for Medicine,kills charms when taken.Wine is gotten from coconut as well as palm tree.This plant is rich,tooo rich,no matter its hardness.So seeing it in your dream is a good Omen.

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Erwin 2014-09-06 05:51:30
I dream a coconut shell .(no more outer skin , just a whole shell) holding by my aunt .my aunt is already dead 3 years ago.is there a message from her?

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Ashley 2014-09-05 10:17:20
There were coconuts all around me and I was scared and horrified. Then I couldn't find coconut flakes in the grocery store and I was desperate.

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alisha 2014-08-27 11:38:55
I saw their was lady asking me for coconut and I kept on having pieces of coconuts  ?)

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anamika 2014-07-10 08:46:14
sombody cut down coconut tree

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gowri 2014-07-01 10:10:54
in my dream, cocunut fallen, irty water in it

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mubina 2014-04-14 16:56:15
I saw a dream that I have watering the cocunut trees.... any one can help to interpret this dream... plz..

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Marie 2014-03-03 01:12:38
Well my coconut dream is an odd one, i saw spike running through the coconut.. like an "X" What does this mean.

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Helen chisom 2013-01-07 06:51:53
Thanks for this wonderful lesson.

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