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A coffin, as stated above, has immense symbolic meaning, but it also only really has one interpretation. Youíre not going to be thinking about coffins if you have a yearning to go outside and play and youíre not going to be thinking about coffins if you have this crazy desire to conquer all of your inner demons. No, you will be thinking about a coffin if you have been thinking about death and this is really the only possible reason that a coffin would come to mind for you.

If you have a dream in which you see a coffin this could be because youíve been worried about a particular family member. All you can do is think about their possible passing away and what you can do to prevent it, if anything. You might not even be thinking about preventative measures at this point. Maybe the doctor has told you that it is too late to save them and there is nothing you can do. In this case this is what you would be thinking about too, which would lead to a series of dark thoughts indeed.

Obviously the meaning of this kind of dream will become even clearer if you can actually see the face of the person in the coffin. When it is someone that you know good and well and they happen to be dying in real life or wasting away, then this is who it correlates to. If you see a coffin and it is closed then it will be hard to really tell who it applies to unless you have a good idea of it already. Sometimes though, it doesnít have to be someone who is dying in real life, just someone who you are worried about. If youíre particularly worried about the health of any of you family members then it might not be so odd to see a coffin in your dreams.

If you see yourself in a coffin, this means that you are considering your own mortality. As morbid as it might seem in the dream, what this really means is that you have just been thinking about the nature of life and what it means to be alive. You might not be actually worried about dying any time soon. After all youíre probably young and spry. But it does mean that you have just been thinking about the way that life and death work together, which is only natural, given your place in society.

If you have a dream in which you are in a coffin though this could also mean that you really are worried about dying. Perhaps it might be best for you to cut down on the fatty foods, eat more healthily, exercise more, and quit any habits like drinking and smoking. This is the key to making sure that you get healthy enough so that youíre not always worried about yourself dying.

A coffin has a lot to do with death. In fact the only thing that it has to do with is death. When you see a coffin it could mean that you have been thinking about death like crazy, however sometimes death symbols arenít actually so morbid. Sometimes to dream about death just means you are thinking about ending something. Sometimes the end of a thing can be bad too, but if itís the end of a small project then your dream doesnít have to have such a bad meaning, does it?
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hazel 2014-03-02 00:40:35
I dreamed twice coffin, casket noon definitely first white, then last night my father placed the casket, but my father's alive,in fact my father is sick.

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Antoine 2014-01-25 00:06:05
One day I dreamed that I was inside of a coffin and I started to panic but I stopped myself and thought for a second, I did not want to waste any energy hoping someone would come or this it but either way I felt like that I wasn't ready but I putted my trust in
GOD then I said a prayer (The LORD is my Shepperd......... and at that time I felt so comfortable inside in the dark coffin. (my faith)was unbelievable after waking up that day I knew that GOD has a plan for me. I wasn't afraid nor had any post nightmare syndrome or bad feeling

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Jonteria 2013-11-25 17:07:45
Last night i dreamed that my aunt was dead and she was in a coffin. It was a scary dream.

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Mian 2013-10-20 14:34:20
I made a very long series of my dreams in my coffin. Its hard to look at the coffin idk i never seen my face. Knowing its me

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nell 2013-03-07 21:18:19
Seems scary as hell

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melody 2013-02-11 12:14:40
Last night I had a horrible dream. I dreamed i was dead. I thought i already woke up because my dream seemed real. In my dream i didnt know I was dead until some stranger in my dream told me I am already dead. Then when I arrived home, no one was talking to me until I saw myself in a coffin delivered at our house & I wondered why my body was only half. My dream for me really seemed real. I feel so sad and hoping I was not dead yet.. Until I woke up & realized it was all a dream afterall.

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