Dream Dictionary Cold

Dream Dictionary Cold

A cold can have a few very different meanings when it comes to dreams and they all depend on the above definitions of what cold means in context of the dream.

Dream Cold
Dream Dictionary Cold, Dreaming of the Cold and what it Says About Your Life

In general, the cold represents sadness and despair but also lethargy and lack of enthusiasm. The viral kind of cold represents lethargy as well as weakness. And finally, the coldness that someone can have towards another is usually just indicative of an everyday life situation that you are thinking too much about or that you are heavily considering as prompted by your dreams.

If you have a dream in which it is cold outside this can mean one of two things. For one, it can mean that your life has hit a slump. Generally winter is the time where a person starts out pretty excited at the beginning, but once the snow and the cold continue to pile up and go on again and again for what feels like ages, people start to get tired of the whole thing. Nobody wants to go out in the cold every day, so they stay inside. Staying inside during winter leads to issues such as cabin fever, and irrational sadness at the situation that you are a part of. In other words, as applied to your real life, a dream like this means you just aren’t as excited about life as you used to be. Try to get out more and do some of your favorite things even if it means ignoring other things that you have to do. Responsibilities are important but if they can be dodged for a day then you should do so in order to make sure that you can stay sane.

The other meaning of a dream where it is cold outside related to the other definition of the word cold, like when it is used to describe the way a person is being treated or a person’s attitude. If you dream that it is cold outside it is because you feel like you are being treated coldly by someone in real life. The cold in your dream is a metaphor for the attitude with which you are being treated by your real life friends or acquaintances. You shouldn’t stand for it if it really bothers you. Just make sure to let your friend know that the way they are treating you just isn’t fair, and you don’t deserve to feel this way about anything.

To dream that you are afflicted with a viral cold, this means that you are feeling weak. You feel just a bit powerless when it comes to something that you’re going through, as if there is nothing that you can do to turn the tide of it or affect the outcome of this thing in the real world.

The cold can be harsh, but the thing about the cold is that it can also be a nice reprieve if you’ve gone through a lot of heat. If you feel like you’ve constantly been going out of the frying pan, into the fire, and then back into the frying pan again and again in your lifetime, then the cold might be a sign of good things to come for you. Sure the cold is bad, but it is no worse than extreme heat either.

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