Dream Dictionary Colors

Dream Dictionary Colors

There are a lot of different meanings of seeing colors in your dreams and a lot of them do happen to depend on what colors you were actually seeing.

Dream Colors
Dream Dictionary Colors, Dreaming of Colors and all of the Possible Meanings this Might Hold

However, you probably aren’t looking at the definition for colors if the dream focused on just one color. If there truly was just one color that was the main focal point of the dream then there would be other guides to help out with that. Multiple colors occupy their own special space in the spectrum of definition when it comes to dream meanings.

If you have a dream in which you are awash with a lot of disembodies colors or where there are just a ton of different colors around you, this could be a dream that is letting you know about alternative sexualities. The rainbow is firmly associated with the gay movement these days, so perhaps you are seeing a rainbow’s worth of colors in your dreams because you are interested in experimenting with other sexualities and with other sexual preferences. This is always a concrete possibility.

For most people though, this will not be the case. A call to try experimenting with sexuality will probably come from a much stronger conviction in your waking life rather than from an unconfirmed source in your dreams. Therefore if you do have a dream about colors for the vast majority of people it will not be showing up in your dreams for the first time. To dream that you are awash in colors could also symbolize possibility too.

A large selection of colors could be representative of a large selection of choices or options and perhaps this makes sense for you. Have you just graduated college and are looking for a new direction to take your life in? Maybe you’re doing something else with your life which is causing you to be experiencing all kinds of new options and choices available to you. Whatever the case, you are having this dream because you ate considering all of the options that you have open to you in life and all of the different things you can do. Make sure to make use of as many different paths as you can before you choose just one way. You can still get wisdom from trying out different methods of living life and different jobs and such, even if you don’t see them through to the finish. And then these things that you’ve learned from these other situations can carry over to your new life and do a lot for you once you do decide to settle on a specific place.

Dreaming of a selection of colors could also apply to race and multiculturalism. Perhaps a dream in which there are colors surrounding you means you need to surround yourself with more world cultures in order to broaden your horizons in waking life. This is one very valid interpretation which could be true for just about anyone, especially someone that does not have as much experience with other cultures and belief systems.

Colors are a tough symbol to deal with unless you can zero in on specific ones but the thing about them is that they always seem to symbolize festiveness and happiness. You end up having all of these colors around and they just make you feel a lot better when you see them. To have a dream where there are multiple colors everywhere it probably means that you are going to have a celebration soon, probably an internal one.

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