Dream Dictionary Coma

Dream Dictionary Coma

There are a few things that a coma could symbolically relate to when it comes to dreams.

Dream Coma
Dream Dictionary Coma, Dreaming of a Coma and what it Means About You

When you are in a coma you are totally unable to speak and express yourself. A coma is the definition of a medical state in which a person is totally unconscious for a very long period of time, but still alive. On the other hand, a coma can be totally peaceful rather than stressful. A person can wake up out of a coma and say that they are totally well rested, not even knowing that they spent the last 20 years asleep and out of their minds.

If you are a person that has dreams about comas, what this means is that you are probably thinking about your powerlessness in a certain situation. You are probably feeling a bit powerless over something for some reason, whatever that may be. Maybe you are watching someone hurt themselves and you are not able to stop them from participating in those activities that cause them to hurt themselves. This is something that you’ll really need to pay attention to. You can’t let yourself get too emotionally invested in a situation, especially if you aren’t able to help in this kind of situation. All you need to do is sit back and let it happen no matter how much it might hurt you.

If you have a dream in which you are in a coma this might also be due to feeling like you do not have a voice. Is there something that you should be able to vote on, but nobody is asking your opinion? This would be one thing that would likely lead to you having problems like dreaming about comas. The thing you have to do is really just get your voice out there no matter what. If nobody wants to listen then scream, take it to the online universe; get other people to listen to you. Don’t let yourself fall into a comatose state socially because this is the worst state to be in.

If you have a dream where one of your loved ones is in a coma then this means that you need to go see that person. Likely you are not psychic and something bad isn’t necessarily going to happen to them just because you had a bad dream. But you do still need to go see them just in case. They are clearly in your thoughts and you are clearly considering their health and well being or else you wouldn’t be thinking about them so much. If you really want to get out there and make sure that your family members are ok then you just need to do it. Don’t allow yourself to keep having bad dreams about them. Just have the sincerity and the spine to go out there and see your loved ones before they end up having an issue. Please do it, this will make both them and you feel better in the end.

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