Dream Dictionary Compliment

Dream Dictionary Compliment

A compliment is one of those things that are seen mainly as just a social nicety but when you really get to thinking about it you realize that it is so much more than just that.

Dream Compliment
Dream Dictionary Compliment, Dreaming of a Compliment and what it Means

You can’t just go around complimenting anyone and you can’t just go around without complimenting anyone because either way people will start to say things about you that might be just a bit unsavory. If you’d like to make a good impression on someone you’re going to need to use a compliment. What do any of these different things have to do with dream interpretation though? Find out below.

If you have a dream that you are being given a compliment this is because you have been feeling very good about yourself recently. You have probably just done something like lost a lot of weight or just purchased a whole new wardrobe and you’re thinking good things about yourself. You think that you are pretty hot stuff and this dream is a way of exemplifying that line of thought. It is not a crime to think well of yourself; and if you do think well of yourself then you’re doing a good job. Don’t stop considering all of the positive aspects of the way you look. This will lead to more dreams like this in the future and this is just the kind of thing that will save you from having to go to therapy later for low self esteem. So what if most of the compliments are coming in your dreams? Soon your increased confidence will lead to you getting even more compliments in real life because you will be exuding confidence.

If you have a dream that you are giving someone else a compliment in your dreams this can mean one of two things. For one it can mean that you are in admiration of the person that you are complimenting. Did you pay attention to the way that the person in your dream looked? Usually you won’t take the time to compliment someone in your dreams unless they are someone that you actually know in real life. If you compliment them in your dreams then it means that you are in admiration of them in real life which will mean a lot to them if you tell them. Don’t keep it all in, share your admiration with them and make them feel good. Compliment them again when you really see them.

The other meaning of the dream that you had about complimenting someone would be that you have just had a sunnier attitude recently. Most people don’t spend much time talking to their friends or making sure that they feel good about themselves so when you actually do take the time to do that, it’ll make you really stand out amongst your friend group.

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John Carpenter 2013-01-11 04:17:18
[COLOR=Gray][/COLOR]It' too bad that the women's so-called movement and the government have misinformed and lied to the general public by telling them if someone says you have nice tits, they automatically "think" that gives them the right to insult the person who gave them that compliment, using the fact that the man is a stranger as an excuse.

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