Dream Dictionary Computer

Dream Dictionary Computer

As stated above, the computer is really a device that is meant to fill the space of all kinds of other products and that is really just scratching the surface.

Dream Computer
Dream Dictionary Computer, Dreaming of a Computer and what it Says About You

You have all kinds of different things that you’ve got to worry about and a computer can handle all of them for you if you play your cards right or if you handle your computer right. Basically the computer is an oversized Swiss army knife that does just about everything for you. How does any of this apply to the meaning of your dream? Find out here.

If you have a dream in which you are using a computer it probably means that you need to try some social networking when you wake up. As important as computers are and as great as they are at doing just about anything, it seems that what they are mainly used for these days are for social networking purposes. You need to get a site like facebook or twitter and start using it to try to reconnect with friends. In a strange obscure way, your mind is wired to associate computers with friends these days because it provides you with multiple ways of being able to contact those friends. If you are dreaming about a computer it means that you need to use some of your time to seriously go out and use it to talk to some of your old buddies.

One of the next most important things to note about a dream where you are using a computer is what you are doing on the computer. If it is something like staring at a recipe page, then this means that you need to go out there and make some food. You probably have a strong desire to make food and do some stuff like that. If you have a dream where you are just browsing around playing minesweeper on your computer then this means that you are just a bored person. You need to find something good to occupy your time before you drive yourself crazy doing nothing. When you’re dreaming that you’re playing some of the dinky games on the computer, you know you’re bored and wasting your time.

If you’re having a dream that you are a computer, then this means that you feel like you are incredibly intelligent. You are thinking about your own intelligence level, reflecting on it, and coming to the conclusion that you’re fairly intelligent, more so than someone else might think. You are a smart person and you should really embrace that. The fact that you’re having these kinds of dreams is a good sign that you’re on your way to doing just that.

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