Dream Dictionary Confession

Dream Dictionary Confession

A confession does not have so much symbolism, after all the meaning is pretty straightforward when it comes to confessing.

Dream Confession
Dream Dictionary Confession, The Dream Definition of a Confession

You are just putting yourself out there and getting things done pretty quickly. However, it does have some pretty straightforward correlations to things that might be happening in your real life. These should be pretty obvious to anyone that is going through a time of confession in their lives but if not then these are the things that it could possibly mean when you dream of a confession.

To dream that you are giving a confession means that there is something that you feel ashamed of. You want to get something off of your chest but you are unsure of how to do it. What you really need to do is just go out there and say it. You need to really confess what you need to confess to those people that are around you that would be willing to overhear it. You can’t just keep it all in and you can’t continue to act like it doesn’t exist because it will only hurt you in the end. Maybe you don’t actually have anything specific that you want to tell someone, but you just generally feel guilty. This is certainly a trickier emotion to deal with but it is one that makes sense to most people that have gone through this issue before.

If you dream that someone else is giving a confession to you then this means that you feel like you are a trustworthy person. Maybe you have done something recently which made you feel like you were worthy of being trusted. Basically this means that you feel like a good person and want other people to know that you feel so good too. You need to be able to pay attention to the fact that not everyone might want to confide in you though .Even if you think you are ready to handle the emotional burden of being told a secret, this does not mean that everyone out there is just ready to lay it on you right now.

If you have a dream in which you are giving a religious confession it just means that you are yearning for religion and spirituality in your life. Maybe you could do without so much of the religion because you don’t believe in anything in particular, but everyone has some spirituality inside of them and if that doesn’t get recharged every now and then, you won’t be able to progress. If you have a dream where someone is delivering a religious confession to you then it means that you feel very emotionally responsible and you also feel like you are a little responsible for others too. You have a wealth of responsibility about you that you need to deal with. Congratulations on the achievement.

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Michael Vanhorn 2015-04-06 11:29:27
👍 -2 👎
For the past couple weeks iv'e been under stress, I've also been having dreams that have been worrying me for a bit,
Dream #1: I've lost everyone i cared about friends,family,ect... and i lost my self and my mind and they all die in front of me and i cry for hours..
Dream #2 : I keep seeing white fluffy clouds as like it's heaven or something similar to it then the clouds go dark and lightning appears and i fall out of the sky and into an ocean and i start drowning and try to gasp for air and try to escape from the water, Then i see a shadow like figure above the water as i'm drowning and it tries to reach it's hand out to me...
Dream #3: I'm walking through a field of grass and hills, it's a nice day and then for some reason really bad storm clouds appear and the grim reaper shows up and points towards north and just stands there pointing and i start walking..
Dream #4: (Recently) I am in a dessert area and everything is quiet and it looks like a mirror on the ground, I can see my reflection and and it shows me as a half demon and half angel, Then suddenly when i look up and forward i can see that part of me in front of me and he points to my heart and then points to his heart and two portals open up and he tells me to choose one.. then i end up standing in the middle.. and i wake up..
If anyone can help me with these dreams and help me define their meaning please do.

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