Dream Dictionary Cooking

Dream Dictionary Cooking

If you have a dream in which you are cooking or in which someone is cooking for you, or in which you are cooking in a pot of stew, etc.

Dream Cooking
Dream Dictionary Cooking, Dreaming of Cooking and Its Message About Real Life

There are all kinds of different meanings it could possibly have. For one, cooking is a form of putting sustenance together for someone. Another thing about cooking is that it requires patience. However, if you’re waiting impatiently for someone else to do all of your cooking for you then you’re not exactly the nicest person in the world. Maybe you could learn a thing or two about patience and humility. What do all these traits of cooking have to do with a cooking dream? This will all be discussed.

If you have a dream in which you are cooking for yourself, this is your mind letting you know that you have been remarkably self sufficient lately. This is a lovely quality to have and it is one that will get you far in life. You can’t go through life relying on others all the time, but you can get a good deal done if you are able to survive on your own even if it means that you don’t have friends around you at all. You don’t have to get rid of friends forever or anything like that. This is not what this dream is trying to tell you. This kind of dream is merely there to let you know that you’ve done a good job thus far of surviving on your own and you don’t need to have people helping you all the time.

To dream that you are cooking for others suggests that you have a fantastic inner mothering quality where you can’t let other people go hungry without intervening yourself. Even if you are a man, all this dream means is that you care for others; you have a good heart, and are polite. You have probably been doing something that would cause you to put others before yourself lately, which is why you are having this dream; it is a more concise version of that same activity with the same basic message. You’re doing a great job of putting yourself out there and its showing. Don’t give up now. Keep up the good fight and make sure that you keep taking care of your friends. They appreciate it whether they let you know it or not.

To dream that someone is cooking for you means that you rely on others too much. You don’t do enough of your own cooking because you are too accustomed to having other people do it for you. What will happen to you when all of the other people go away? What will you be left with then and how will you be able to eat for yourself? Ask yourself that before you start getting so heavy handed with your lack of concern for the feelings of others.

If you are dreaming about what you are cooking you should pay attention to how healthy it looks. If you are cooking healthy in your dreams then this is a reflection of your subconscious desire to cook healthier for yourself and be healthier in your own life. If you are dreaming of cooking an unhealthy meal it is a reflection of your subconscious desire to treat yourself to a nice meal. Even if it isn’t healthy, it will sure be satisfying.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Cooking

E 2017-12-21 07:30:07
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I dreamed that I had a personal chef cook for me - he was in the white uniform and everything.
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teaching my x how to prep food and cook 2016-09-24 06:52:26
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I was teaching my x how to cook. he was standing amicably an patiently with me at th stove. he was genuinely interested and enthusiastic, which is in my experience highly irregular behaviour. in real life in th past he would get bored and say it takes too much prep to cook.
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Susie Q 2015-02-01 20:18:26
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I have many dreams where I am cooking. Have read that this considered a 'good' omen by superstitious interpretations. And this site has a positive interpretation of cooking dreams. I like that the thought that cooking in my dreams shows how remarkably self-reliant I am. Perhaps too self-sufficient, since I find it impossible to ask others for assistance of any kind or even delegate minor task!?!
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