Dream Dictionary Cops

Dream Dictionary Cops

Cops do not show up just anywhere.

Dream Cops
Dream Dictionary Cops, Dreaming of Cops: The Good and the Bad Side

Sure you might see cops driving down the road occasionally, but they’re not going to stop and have a chat with you unless you break some law or do something wrong, which is why there is such a fear of them these days. Cops are thus, both feared and respected at the same time which gives them an odd place in society. They are not the largest authority in the state, not anywhere near it, but because of how serious they are, people still respect their position in society. What to know what it means to dream of cops? Keep on reading.

If you have a dream in which you are being followed by cops, the obvious definition of this is that you feel guilty about something. There are truly good Samaritans out there that have never even committed the simplest of crimes and yet they freeze up when cops show up because they have the power essentially to detain you without much evidence or of their own accord just because they say so. Much like the book 1984, police can essentially stop you for anything. You may not be able to be charged in court, but you can still be held up in jail and have your car impounded. Therefore if you’re dreaming you’re being followed by cops, this is merely an extension of that guilt that you feel deep down over something wrong that you’ve done. Maybe it isn’t something illegal. Maybe you just did something really scummy to a friend or a loved one, but in your dreams, the cops following you still make sense towards that definition.

If you have a dream in which you are a cop this could be because you feel like you deserve more respect in real life. You’ve done something which you think deserves a proper amount of reverie for the amount of work that you had to accomplish but in the end it just wasn’t enough for you. Maybe you got a bit of respect but you wanted more, or maybe nobody acknowledged your very important contribution to their lives. Whatever the case, you need to know that it’s impossible for you to just give up at this point, or at least this is what your brain is trying to tell you. Truth be told you should probably let things rest a bit and not get so testy over nothing, but beggars really can’t be choosers.

To dream that you are a cop and that you are pulling someone over or making an arrest means that you are taking your power in life a bit too far. You are probably in a position of power over some people. Maybe it is a group of two or three or maybe it is an entire company division but either way you are using that influence to abuse your power. This dream means your conscience if finally catching up with you.

Cops can be scary to some people, especially to criminals, but as stated above they can be scary to just about anyone under the right circumstances. Don’t let yourself get too scared of the cops though. Sometimes the cops in your dreams are there to police your thoughts and keep you in line and make sure everything in your head is working okay. You can’t blame them for that.

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