Dream Dictionary Corpse

Dream Dictionary Corpse

A corpse is serious business.

Dream Corpse
Dream Dictionary Corpse, Dreaming of a Corpse and What it Means

When you see one, you cannot just go back on it and pretend you didn’t. The sight of a dead body that is sometimes brutally murdered by war or by another person can be devastating. Even someone that merely died of a heart attack and just isn’t breathing anymore is still a true sight to behold. This is something which you should really take note of, what the body that you were dreaming looked like. What happened to the person that caused their corpse to fall in such a way? If you’d like to find out the answer to that question and more than just continue.

If you have a dream about a corpse then it probably means that you have been having morbid thoughts about death recently, and chances are, if you’d been thinking about death in general then you’d probably just be seeing a coffin or a casket or something else like that. When you dream of just the corpse itself you are thinking of the most unglamorous part of death, the realest part of death of all and you can’t imagine how sad it must be to be in this situation where all you can think about is a corpse. You are a little too preoccupied with death and unfortunately probably in the most specific kinds of death. You already know how you are going to die and you already know how you are going to see the corpse in the dream die (that is if it corresponds to a person that you know in real life. At least this is what you feel like. In reality nobody can ever know how they’re going to die unless they commit suicide in a certain way or unless they are psychic, which most people don’t even believe in. You have just convinced yourself that you know from having thought about it so much. Do yourself a favor and do something to keep your mind off of death.

Dreaming of a corpse can be wholly frightening ordeal. When you see a corpse all you’re thinking about is death and sadness and it certainly won’t lead to happy things from that area. What it means when you dream that you yourself are a corpse means that you have been preoccupied with thinking about your own death. Even if you can’t help it, you should probably try just thinking about someone else or focusing your mind so hard on another subject that you forget about death entirely. A few morbid thoughts are normal and can do a body good to some extent, but in reality you can’t expect to always be thinking about these things because a normal human mind just can’t handle it.

One of the scariest things about a corpse is the fact that you don’t know who it is. This can be pretty traumatizing for a lot of people. The anonymity of humanity is hard to think about indeed and it becomes no clearer than that when you dream of a corpse and it can’t tell you who it once was. This dream might mean that you need to think of a new way to express yourself and your personality so that other people can be aware of you too.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Corpse

Xero 2013-10-24 01:54:03
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I have been having slight dreams about seeing mangled corpses and death in general, sometimes when I am alone I end up day dreaming about dead bodies of people I don't know, or their faces had been so dramatically torn I can't see who it is. I don't usually have dreams at all, sleeping being more of a blackness to me. Personally, the corpses didn't affect me, I was standing over the corpses with an indifferent expression. What could that mean?
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Cha-Cha 2013-07-02 12:53:42
👍 +7 👎
I was like "Oh my Gosh".. I did dreamed once and I don't know who is she.. As i was reading the last paragraph, I was like this "(o_o)".. Because the first sentence says "The scariest things about a corpse is the fact that you dont know who it is"..
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casey 2012-10-20 21:19:51
👍 +11 👎
this is a ridiculous dream definition. If you actually knew anything about the imagery and symbolism in dreams you would know death is symbolic of change and transformation.
What crap this is!!!!
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James 2012-09-16 18:28:47
👍 +2 👎
This was good. Thanks for the info. I had a dream of a family gathering in a large house but I kept finding corpses of Asian men in the house, (I'm Caucasian). There was some thought that they'd been killed by the police for a robbery or something. I started to alert my sister and others that the bodies needed to be removed etc then woke up.
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