Dream Dictionary Corridor

Dream Dictionary Corridor

A corridor can have all kinds of symbolism because of the wide gamut of emotions that being in a corridor can cause someone to feel.

Dream Corridor
Dream Dictionary Corridor, Dreaming of a Corridor and What it May Mean

On the one hand a corridor is a great place that holds many possibilities. There can be hundreds of doors in a corridor if it is a particularly large building, each one leading somewhere different. If you don’t like one area just walk a little further down the corridor and you’ll be able to be surprised instantly by what you see in the next door over. On the other hand a corridor can also foster feelings of fear and confusion. You can feel very boxed and claustrophobic in a corridor. Now it is time to see how these emotions that corridors can cause actually relate to concrete dream interpretation though.

When you dream that you are in a corridor, figuring out what the best interpretation of that dream is largely relies on your mood in the dream. You might not remember all of the details of a dream like this, but most people can tell whether the dream was a nightmare or whether they felt particularly happy or uneasy in a certain situation. If you have a dream in which you are very happy or pleased with being in a corridor then this usually bodes well for you and means that you have good things ahead of you.

To dream of being happy in a corridor specifically means that you feel as if you have more choices in life and a lot of different paths you can take. A corridor may be a very narrow place and it might even stop in a dead end, but there are so many different paths to enter on the way that it cancels out any bad feelings you might have. This usually means that you are on a rigid path in life but you have reached near the end of it. You are a highly specialized person and you are able to fit in just about any cushy career or family role that you can think of. However, now it is your responsibility to choose which of these cushy and important roles you want to fill. Be lucky that you have so many choices.

If you have a dream in which you are in a corridor and uneasy about it, or if you are running down a corridor in your dreams then this means that you feel boxed in during life. Someone is forcing you into a role that you don’t want to fill, or you feel like the choices that you have are not good enough. You’re not quite ready to settle down and yet you feel like you’ve already reached the end of your life. Don’t let yourself be boxed in. Throw the world for a curveball now that you’re awake. Go in a totally new direction and see how it plays out. It couldn’t be any worse than what you already have to deal with.

A corridor can be a scary place indeed and it can make you feel very claustrophobic, but once you accept that there isn’t much you can do about it or that there isn’t much that you can really change to make yourself feel better then you’re going to realize all of the options open to you. The only real danger is a dream of a small corridor, not a narrow one, but a short one. That is a true fear to worry about. Otherwise, you’re basically fine.

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Buttons 2012-10-08 04:51:15
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I was sleep talking that I was in a corridor and right now in life i have lost my job and have so many different choices to make I could totally change my career. So this dream definitely relates to my life right now!
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