Dream Dictionary Cough

Dream Dictionary Cough

A cough can mean many things.

Dream Cough
Dream Dictionary Cough, Dreaming You Have a Cough and What it Could Mean

On the one hand a cough is a symbol of a slight flaw or weakness that you might have. Sure you don’t have a terminal illness or anything like that, but a cough is a small chink in your armor that could grow into a larger one if you don’t get attention. Even the fact that you got a cough in the first place should expose just a little bit of weakness that you must be feeling. Also a cough is a symbol for infection which is known to be spread rapidly and quickly. Do you feel infections? It could mean in a good way. Here is a more detailed overlook of what your dream might mean if you have a cough in it.

To dream that you have a cough could be a sign of weakness or it could be a sign of something else entirely. But the easiest interpretation and the first one that most people would go to would be that you feel some weakness in you. Very probably this weakness that is being referenced is a physical one. Everyone is familiar with that feeling that you get the day before you have a full blown illness. You may not be at the lowest of low points just yet, but for now you and tell you will be. A dream about a cough could just be an extension of that feeling that comes with you overnight. This may be why you’re dreaming about sickness, because you think that you are going to be literally sick.

This type of cough could also be a dream which is telling you that you have some sort of character flaw. Really this would be more akin to you feeling as if you have a character flaw, then your dream would just bring that thought to your attention in the form of a dream where you have a cough. You don’t want to think about the consequences of the cough but you do need to know that for right now there is something about you that is nagging at you and that is just not going over well. Having a cough is simply something that you don’t want to deal with and it is something which you must pay great attention to or else you could dig yourself a hole which you can’t get out of.

If you dream that you have a cough this may also be somewhat of a metaphor for infection. Maybe something you’ve done is really catching on or you think that an idea of yours is about to be really popular. If this is the case then it means that you see something really infections in what you are doing which means that you feel infectious. The cough in your dreams means that whatever you’re doing, whatever you’ve been doing, is finally catching on. Congrats.

A cough can be a serious annoyance but at the same time it can also be an indicator of something bigger. What may seem like a small chip in your armor at first can lead to major cracks, or to be more precise, you can find major cracks leading up to it if you are not careful about it. Just make sure that you know what you’re doing or you just might end up making a fool of yourself. Your weaknesses are too obvious.

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Amii 2012-05-12 18:42:28
I had a dream that I wanted to Know why couhging Happens? and How it causes? and it was going all thru my head.. and then the other day i got a bad cough and wont go away whats the problem?

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