Dream Dictionary Court

Dream Dictionary Court

If you have a dream in which you are in court, in order to get a really good interpretation of the symbolism behind it, this will depend on what role you are playing in court and the things that you are feeling are fairly obvious depending on that role that you are a part of, once you get the hang of interpretation that is.

Dream Court
Dream Dictionary Court, What it Means when You Dream of Court

Do you remember what part of the court you were in or what role you were playing within the court? Well, if so, then proceed on to get the dirt on what all of these roles mean.

If you have a dream that you are being prosecuted in court then this means that you feel guilty about something. This is only necessarily true if it turns out that you are found guilty in the dream. But if the dream that you have involves you simply being tried by the jury without actually being found guilty of anything, or if the dream ends before you are pronounced guilty or not guilty, or even if the dream ends and you are found not to be guilty, then this means that you just feel as if you are on trial in your friend group. Someone is making you feel like you are guilty of something even if you aren’t. But being in this role in your dreams can really play tricks on your conscience.

If you have a dream in which you are on the jury in a court then this means that you think that you are judging someone else. Even if the person on trial in the dream is someone that you do not know, you still feel like you’re trying to sort through what it means to be in that person’s situation. You’re really trying to gain insight on that person’s life, so you are not making any final pronouncements, but your insights will matter a great deal when it comes time for the judge to make his move, and that’s something that you really need to think about.

If you have a dream in which you are the judge in a courtroom then this means you are being highly judgmental of someone. Whether you know if they are guilty of anything or not, you are still treating them as if they are and it really isn’t helping their moral or their constitution much. You cannot simply judge a person especially if you’re no better than they are. Even if you aren’t Christian, the phrase “let he who is without sin cast the first stone” should still ring true for you.

If you have a dream that you are defending someone in court then this means that you are on defense in life too. You always feel like you have to defend yourself or your actions for one reason or another. Don’t let anyone else judge you.

The other kind of court is a basketball court or a tennis court and these have to do with sports. To dream of a spots kind of court just means that you need to spend a bit more time playing sports and less time sitting on the couch and relaxing. The couch is a place that is meant for relaxation, sure but still, you need to know that sometimes a court is the place to be and not the couch. Spend more time on your feet. Your dreams implore you.

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