Dream Dictionary Criminal

Dream Dictionary Criminal

The criminal has two main traits about him that will assist in understanding what it means to dream of a criminal.

Dream Criminal
Dream Dictionary Criminal, Living the Criminal Dream: What it Means when You Dream of a Criminal

For one, the criminal is a dishonest person that contributes to the degradation of society. They are not good people and they have only their own self interest in mind which makes them selfish as well. The other trait that a criminal has which separates them from the rest of other people is that seeing one will strike fear into your heart. When you see a criminal you get afraid because you can’t predict what they will do to you or how you will be treated by them. How do these traits factor into dream interpretation, you ask? Well, keep on reading to find out the answer.

If you dream that you see a criminal in your house it means that you feel a bit violated. Something has happened recently which has made you feel small and alone and vulnerable. The vulnerability is the worst of it and it is the most likely culprit of a dream in which you see a criminal stealing from you. This dream meaning becomes even more of a promising meaning to land on if the criminal in the dream was robbing you blind. This helps to confirm the idea that the criminal really was someone to be afraid of and really was someone that needed to be worried about.

If you have a dream in which you see a criminal in your home it could also be just because you were afraid of something recently. You usually have nightmares because you are thinking of scary things before they happen. If you have a dream in which there is a criminal in your house it could just be an extension of that fear that you feel about something that you’re going through in your waking life. This is the most likely reason that you would dream of this kind of thing at least. Try to get over whatever fear you’re feeling in the real world and then the fear in your dreams will fall away with that, hopefully.

If you have a dream where you are a criminal, then this is happening to you because you because you feel guilty. When a person thinks that they have done something wrong or feels like that have wronged someone else, they really intend to internalize that inner conflict where they feel wrong about what they’ve done and end up making themselves feel worse and worse. The best prescription if your dreams are plagued with images of you being a criminal is to apologize to everyone that you’ve wronged in recent times. This will lift a little bit of the weight off of your heart and hopefully get you back to normal again after that traumatic experience.

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