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A cross dressing dream might really make someone panic, especially someone that professes to be pretty straight and not interested in that short of thing. But remember, just because you have a sexual preference towards the opposite sex doesn’t mean that every once in a while you can’t dress up in women’s clothes or men’s clothes depending on your gender. Society probably won’t accept you for who you are right away or anything like that, but if you do it enough then you’ll be true to yourself and that’s what matters. However, you might not even have any desire that you can’t think of to dress up like a member of the opposite sex and yet you’re still dreaming about it. If you want to know what this means then just keep on reading.

If you have a dream in which you are cross dressing this could be because of a latent homosexual desire that you have. While it is not always related to this, many times a person will experiment sexually like this before they decide on their own sexuality. If you think that this could be true for you then don’t try to fight the thought. There are a lot of resources for gay people, and the more people that are actively in favor of gay rights, the better. Don’t lie to yourself or you’ll be denying the whole cause from the chance to flourish and this is no good.

Sometimes you might have a dream in which you are cross dressing though, and you are absolutely certain that you have no desire to be with someone of the same sex. You are not inclined sexually in the least bit to members of the same sex as you and this is just tough luck. Well, if this is the case for you then this might have to do with being a message about reconnecting with your feminine side. You need to be able to join with that part of yourself. If you are a woman then the dream is about reconnecting with your masculine side.

The thing is, with the popularity of homosexual issues in the media today, some men tend to feel adamantly against embracing their more feminine characteristics and vice versa for fear of being called gay or being lumped into that group. Actually it is because of this fear that gays are having such a tough time in their own lives, because people deny them and refuse to accept them for no reason but fear. Everyone has feminine attributes and masculine attributes and you are not a whole person if you don’t exercise both regularly. Remember that next time before you get all angry and crazy at having a dream like that. You should be more understanding and more accepting of yourself. This will mean great things for your future.
The text Cross dressing for those that might not know what it means is what happens when someone of one gender puts on the clothes of someone that is thought to be of a different gender. is a property of Goto horoscope Com. And belong to category Dream Dictionary
rob 2016-12-07 18:43:36
I was sexually abused as a kid.I went on for years not thinking about it. I even think I tried to act tougher than I was to cover up my weakness for not fighting back which Ive only recently discovered about myself. My wife had a fling with a good mate and it hurt me to say the least and made me feel weak , less of a man. Ive had a feeling of helplessness which was a similar feeling when being abused. Latley Ive relived my abuse in dreams and often wake up with an erection.I also often deram of crossdressing which usually results in me having to `finish myself off`. Im very worried and have begun to question my sexuality. Im married with kids of my own.

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Stephen A 2016-09-27 14:06:29
I think sometimes this dream might be a message that one feels incomplete and needs to have the company/companionship of the opposite sex to feel complete.
I also think that this type of dream might be a result of previous sexual child abuse from the same sex. Maybe the dream contains a subconscious message of desire to repeat the abuse experience in an attempt to understand the reason for the abuse experience.
I think therefore the dream may be a message of one having a feeling of being incomplete based on the abuse experience.
Last, the dream may be a subconscious cry for help due to the previous child abuse experience.
Finally, I think I should state two rhetorical questions.
1.) How many children have grown up with child abuse experiences?
2.) How many people have endured child abuse and never received any treatment for the abuse?

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teenage boy 2015-03-14 02:26:21
I had a dream about cross-dressing last night. I doubt it symbolises anything apart from just a desire to cross-dress which I have been feeling for a while

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Sum-Young-Guy 2015-06-18 07:59:57
I feel you. Had the same dream, want to cross-dress too, too ashamed to do it tho.

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Paul 2012-06-18 20:15:48
I think there can be yet another reason why you might have a dream about dressing up and this can be because you are trying to escape from a situation or situations that you can't handle. Depending on what you are doing in the dream and where you are and who is with you, it may well indicate a desire to deceive.

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