Dream Dictionary Cross

Dream Dictionary Cross

The cross is an all important symbol.

Dream Cross
Dream Dictionary Cross, Dreaming of a Cross and What it Means

For Christians it symbolizes what Jesus did to help them and save them from all of their sins. It symbolizes all of Jesus’ sacrifices. This is a very important artifact to Christians but it is also important to note that to afford it any more respect than they already do would almost be idol worship. To a non-Christian, the cross symbolizes everything about Christianity, all that is behind it and all of the motivations behind it. The symbolism of the other definition of the word cross is a bit more obvious. In either case if you need a bit more elaboration on what these traits have to do with dream interpretation, this will be discussed below.

Because the cross is so sacred to Christians, if you are a Christian then this dream should have a lot of meaning for you. To dream of the device upon which Jesus sacrificed himself for your sins is to admit that you have not lived up to the expectations of Jesus. You have probably committed a few sins lately or done a few things that you knew were wrong and it’s eating you up inside. You need to admit that what you’ve done is wrong and accept that you need to go back and change some of it if you can. Obviously you can’t go back in time, but you might want to do reparations and ask for forgiveness for your sins. This is the most you can do. Basically this dream is trying to clue you into the fact that you haven’t done as much good as you could have lately or lived up to the Christian credo.

If you are non-Christian and you are dreaming of the cross then this means that you are thinking about religion and spirituality and its place in your life. Even if you are part of another religion or not a part of religion at all, the cross has still taken on such a huge role and is still such a recognizable symbol that you can associate it with religion in general at this point. Of course this would be tantamount to sacrilege for a real Christian, but it is something that you need to know is okay for you as long as you are not Christian.

To dream that you are cross in your dreams in the angry sense of the word just means that there is something that has happened to you that you can’t quite get over. Someone has probably done something that was just a little unsavory to you and you want to get over it but it isn’t so easy. The best advice for you would be to just let things go and accept that you can’t go back and change everything. Move on from where you are and that’s it. It’s the best you can do.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Cross

Jhong gonzales 2018-08-10 12:29:50
Ive dream of a wooden cross thrown to me by may angry sister tell what is this mean
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Black 2018-08-01 09:24:05
I had a dream of a nun like Valak then I vomitted black liquid and the Valak look a like nun drew a cross on my neck using my vomit as the ink. What does that mean? I'm so bothered It was so creepy and scared me.
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Brandi 2017-12-06 10:53:33
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I had a dream where I was opening a negative/evil portal and I’m not sure why. As soon as I started to I did the father, the son and the Holy Ghost gesture. I then began to carve a cross into the wood beneath my feet and pray for god to forgive me. I was very unnerved. What does this mean? Was it supposed to be a wake up call? Or is it because I miss my long distance boyfrifnd ( who is religious and I am not.) We saw each other a week ago and I’ve been missing him and depressed without him. Or is it something else entirely?
Also before the portal part I was outside in the dark and some man came up to me. He tried “seducing me” or “hitting on me” in a way. I was not interested so I said I wasn’t interested. He lingered for a moment but then disappeared.
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Ray 2017-03-01 20:54:20
👍 +2 👎
I had a dream where a lady I did not know well flipped-out on me, appearing to be possessed or very out of character, but I could not get any audio from them(hear them fuss at me). She expressed all the signs of anger and frustration, but I could hear my voice and not hers. There was a little black cross on her forehead that was not there in her original state. The events in my dream/vision has already played-out in my life with this person, but I wanted to share for insightful opinionated feedback. This dream/vision was based on a similar set-up from a previous version I had years or months ago, but she was the new character. More to this story, but that is the most important information. Thank you for your time and I hope to get some interesting feedback for this very accurate spiritual foreshadowing. 🙂 [ Email: ghost100@outlook.com ]
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