Dream Dictionary Crutches

Dream Dictionary Crutches

Crutches, speaking purely from a symbolic standpoint are a very important device for people that suffer injuries because they hold you up.

Dream Crutches
Dream Dictionary Crutches, Crutches and their place in your dreams

Crutches are great for those that are weak because it means they have to put less effort into making sure that they are able to stand upright. Of course the thing about crutches if you’re healthy is that they imply that you aren’t. You can’t just use crutches if you’re not feeling unhealthy or feeling like your legs are broken and if you do it means that you are weak and people will see you this way. What do these traits have to do with dream interpretation? Keep reading for your answer.

If you have a dream in which you are using crutches it means that you are going through a tough point in life and you need something to hold you up; unfortunately, literally using crutches into going to help you in this case. This dream means you are going to have to think of your own thing to get you through the tough times. For some people this might be something simple like thinking of a game that they really love to play, and playing it until they feel better. For others it might be something to look forward to. If you don’t have anything to look forward to then you’re going to end up making yourself feel terrible and you won’t see all the good parts of life, only the bad, which can be a dangerous situation to put yourself in.

Dreaming of a situation in which you are using crutches and you aren’t necessarily going through anything rough means that you are using something as a way of coping that is not helping you in the long run. When you rely on something all of the time then it makes you less of a person and it makes you weaker over time since you aren’t able to do anything on your own. That’s the unfortunate failure of crutches. For an example of what this kind of crutch might be, think of alcohol. Alcohol is always thought of as a crutch because it is like a coping mechanism that some people use to help them get through a rough spot even though it will only make them weaker since it alters their state of mind and makes then dependent. Crutches are a great medical device but when it comes to moral support, having to rely on something other than yourself is not a good way to go as it turns out. This will only make you more dependent and in the end you will fall short of your own expectations for yourself. Throw down your crutch and try relying on yourself for a change.

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Kacy 2018-12-19 15:52:23
Dreaming about searching for crutches with my sister while my friend lay on a coutch at the store. We are rushing

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