Dream Dictionary Cupcakes

Dream Dictionary Cupcakes

Cupcakes have a few different meanings that they could take on symbolically.

Dream Cupcakes
Dream Dictionary Cupcakes, Dreaming of Cupcakes and What it Means For You

For one, a cupcake is a very delicious and sweet treat. They are known for being incredibly sweet and even in some cases, the pinnacle of sweetness. The other thing about cupcakes is that if you have one of them, you can enjoy it all to yourself and don’t have to share with anyone while you are eating it. Another trait of cupcakes is that a cupcake is like a miniature version of a cake but it is just as delicious and just as fun. This means that it packs the same punch, but in a smaller size. Now we will discuss what all of these have to do with dream interpretation.

When you have a dream that you see a cupcake it means that you are thinking about all of the sweet things that will one day be coming to you. You have a lot of sweetness in store for you and you are going to get it if you hold tight and are responsible about things. This is something that you need to adhere to absolutely. You can have what you want in life, you just need to wait and be patient of course. This is especially potent as a meaning if for some reason the cupcake is out of reach. This would make the most sense for you if this is what happens.

If you have a dream in which you are eating a cupcake it means that you are being rewarded with something sweet in life for your achievements. Either that or it means that for this one time deal you will be getting a sweet treat because that’s just what’s happening right now. A cupcake is a sweet treat that also works as a reward for you if you have been good or if you have done as you were told recently. This is why it is a good thing to get a cupcake.

If you have a dream in which you are a cupcake it means that despite all of your inaccuracies and despite all of the things that are not okay with you, you are going to be rewarded with something big in the future, and it also means that you are a good person despite all your failures. Nobody is perfect and you can hold yourself to a high standard, but don’t be afraid when you can’t meet that standard sometimes. It is mere human nature to not be able to live up to all of the expectations that you have set out for yourself. You’re going to have to accept this fact if you hope to get on with your life. Hopefully you can accept that and then go on without thinking too much about it or else you’ll come up on some hard times in terms of how you think about yourself.

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Aidan Housden 2017-02-05 09:49:52
What if you have a dream that you are making cupcakes?????

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Celest 2013-04-09 19:16:51
I don't see how to enter anything to search the dream dictionary. I found this from a google search - is there a search to enter words?

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