Dream Dictionary Curios

Dream Dictionary Curios

Curios are items that can be found anywhere, but the thing that separates them from pieces of junk with no value is either sentimental value or how interesting they are.

Dream Curios
Dream Dictionary Curios, Dreaming of Curios and what They Mean

If you have a piece of junk that you don’t attribute any value to or that you don’t find particularly interesting then it means that it is not a curio. Taking into account the idea that it needs to have sentimental value or the idea that it needs to be interesting somehow these two different things should make it pretty obvious what a dream involving curios means but just in case you aren’t sure, this is the meaning of a dream about curios.

To dream that you are handling a curio or multiple curios suggests that you are in a nostalgic mood. You are poring over your old memories and thinking about the better times that you once had as a child. Even if this is not the case for you and you have just been thinking about other things, this just means that your thought are so highly internalized that they are only taking place in your inner thoughts. Your subconscious is very busy yearning for your youth and the things that you used to hold dear.

If you have been particularly lonesome for memories lately it might be nice to see a family member that you shared some laughs with a long time ago. They would be able to reminisce with you and have a good time with you. It is nice to have someone else around from your childhood to help you recall all of the things that you used to do for fun or all of the things that you used to have fun with. This is what curios are for.

If you have a dream in which you are handling curios it could also just mean that you were bored or that you have been bored by things in general lately. The great thing about walking through a curio shop or looking through some curios is that even if you have no idea what’s in the rest of the store, even if you don’t understand what curios are or what you’re looking for. Even if you don’t find any appeal in curios then you will still be able to appreciate everything in there.

This gives more evidence to the idea that you are bored with things in life if you are particularly interested in the curios in the store. It just means that you are doing stuff in your life at the time that you simply do not find entertaining. If you really desire to have a good time it is best for you to just go out and experience it. That’s what it is for. Just go out and have fun like you want to and then that will be that. You don’t need to actually be in a curio shop but it wouldn’t hurt you if you went there to one of those.

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