Dream Dictionary Dark Attic

Dream Dictionary Dark Attic

Dreams about a Dark Attic are scary and can mean very important things about the life of the dreamer.

Dream Dark Attic
Dream Dictionary Dark Attic, The Dream Meaning of a Dark Attic

The attic is a place of constant fears to many a child. It is seen as the pinnacle of fear because it holds all of the darkness in a house. An attic is usually laid out in such a way that you have to go to the top of it to find it. You usually pull down a drawstring and the stairs come down. Then you go up the small cramped set of stairs to see nothing but darkness. There is probably a light in the middle of the ceiling but it is a weak bulb that may or may not even be there and you have to take many many steps to actually make it there, which can be very frightening. If you have a dream about a dark attic then this means that you are consumed with fear over something that might happen to you soon. You are worried about your fate and what will become of you if you don’t stop doing what you’re doing and don’t stop consorting with the wrong crowd. You are pulling yourself into danger and you know it, you must stop this behavior. This is what it means to dream of a dark attic.

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Martha 2017-03-02 11:40:19
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In my dream, I was in the attic of our house. I am 20 and still living with parents in the real life. But in the dream, someone kept me in the attic. It was a really terrifying experience like something bad had happened or had been going to happen. Why was it attic? Is there something I should be aware? Please answer whoever know the meaning of this dream.

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