Dream Dictionary Dark Blue

Dream Dictionary Dark Blue

The color spectrum has long been thought of as a way of transmitting emotions.

Dream Dark Blue
Dream Dictionary Dark Blue, The Dream Meaning of Dark Blue

Each color generally has a thing that it represents. Green is known for representing envy. Red represents both anger and passion at once. Yellow represents compassion and warmth, as well as orange. However, what of the colors blue and purple? And better yet, what of the colors dark blue and dark purple? And finally these colors must be interpreted well because they are likely to show up in your dreams sometime soon.

If you have a dream about the color dark blue then this means that you are thinking about distance. Blue symbolizes distance in one way shape or form, and the darker the blue, the more distant everything is. Distance in what sense, you might ask. Well, this is up to you to determine. Maybe you are seeing blue because you feel emotionally distant. You are in some sort of relationship but you don’t feel as connected as you think you should be and now it is finally getting to you in your dreams. Maybe it is time to end this relationship if you really don’t see it going anywhere or if it is really bothering you right now.

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