Dream Dictionary Dark Eyes

Dream Dictionary Dark Eyes

Dark eyes are a deceptive dream symbol because of the many interpretations of the word dark as it is applied to eyes.

Dream Dark Eyes
Dream Dictionary Dark Eyes, The Dream Meaning of Dark Eyes, Dark Blue Eyes

Sometimes when you say that someone has dark eyes all it means is that they have very brown and deep eyes. The phrase tall dark and handsome is a cultural staple used to describe very attractive men, but the dark does not usually apply to skin color as this would eliminate a large amount of Caucasians from the race here. The dark usually refers to them having brown eyes. If this is the case and you are dreaming about someone with dark eyes then this just means you are thinking about your love life and all of its successes and failures.

If you have a dream in which you see dark eyes but these eyes are of the black variety and all you can see through them is blackness then this means that you are deathly afraid of something. Someone with black eyes is never a good sign so to see someone with black eyes like this should really give you a jolt. Don’t let that happen to you, just take it in stride and remember not to get too shaken up if you can avoid it.

To dream of dark blue eyes means that you are thinking about your future mate. Whether your mate now has dark blue eyes or not is irrelevant. Blue eyes are a fantasy of many, and the darker the eyes, the more attractive the fantasy. To dream of a pair of dark blue eyes is to project your wishes for your future mate, what you really want him to have and what you think he should have if he is going to be with you. The same can go for men though too. A man can appreciate a woman with some beautiful dark blue eyes because they give the thought of depth. Not only do you want your future lover to be attractive but you also want him to be intelligent too which will make you feel better about yourself and make you feel like you got more of a catch.

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