Dream Dictionary Dark figure, Dark Man

Dream Dictionary Dark figure, Dark Man


If you have a dream in which you see a dark figure, or a dark man, these are some of the most potent symbols because of the fact that they are so closely related to humanity but at the same time are not human. This can be perplexing and frightening to the mind but fear not.

If you have a dream about a dark figure this may at first appear sinister and it may very well be sinister but let's not imagine the worst case scenario first. If you have a dream about a dark figure, try to think if you have met anyone new relatively recently. If you have and then you have this dream of a dark figure then it could be that you are seeing this because you want to get to know this new person but you are not sure how. This new person is probably fairly interesting and you want to know who they are, but they keep their true selves hidden because they are so enigmatic. You can only get to know them by talking to them more and though it may seem intimidating, this dream suggests that you would really like to get to know him so you might as well go for it. Meet the dark figure; talk with him, and then maybe things won't be so scary, because a dream of a random dark figure means ominous things loom.

If you have a dream of a dark man your first thought might be to panic, after all this can be a pretty scary symbol. Nobody wants to see a dark man because they are scared of what he might represent, evil, death, destruction? This is actually a flaw in the way that humans think; we always assume that something new is going to be threatening if it has to do with darkness at all when this is not really the case. If you have a dream in which you see a dark man it is probably because you have met someone new in the waking world, or you are right about to. When you do meet this man again you want to get to know him better. The darkness in the dream is just a sign that you don't know him all that well and that you might want to get to know him a little bit better. If this is the case, just put a little more effort in when trying to establish a conversation with him and he will probably open up to you.

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Liz C 2021-09-11 15:37:57
I recently just cleansed my home of any negative energies. A day later my daughter had a dream about a a man tall and very skinny with no face just all black following her asking her to allow him in the home, my daughter said she kept telling him no. She said that he was getting angry and continued to ask if he can come in. She said when she woke she didnt feel as if she had been asleep and it felt like real life like how it is as I am typing right now. The following night I had a dream of a the same figure he wanted in the home and I started blessing my home again. Once I was done he was on some steps angry I would not allow him in my home, I was not scared of him and told him to leave my child alone, and he was no longer welcome, and said some curse words at him. When I woke I felt the same as if I had never been asleep and started about my day as if I didnt just wake up needing coffee.
Amarissa 2021-09-04 11:12:30
I had a dream last night of a dark tall figure he can in a boat and I thought to myself of a guest so I looked at the ground and seen dirt on the ground so I was like I’m gonna sweep this up before he gets here so I started with the back and made it halfway and I was thinking what to say to him “it’s so clean and calm in here” then stopped because he was here so I walked up to him and he was just standing there he didn’t say anything I didn’t say anything so I walked away and the lady or teacher came and I told her there someone here and so she tried greeting him but he wasn’t there we walked halfway and there was a closet behind up we heard it open and when we looked it closed then there was a closet on the other side it opened when we were paying attention to the other one and when we look it closed we were really scared so we started running and he came after us the lady ended up dying he stuck like a pointy stick looking thing through her but it came from his body so I used her body as a shield while I tried gettin away from him i ended back up next to the closets but this time it was only 1 closet that opened and closed he popped out of it and so I ran I dropped the lady and was thinking “I need to wake up I don’t want to be here anymore” so I was running towards the closets and I ran in a little corner room thing and made a teleporting hole 🕳 like that but it was green and had a bright glowing light and I jumped in it before he was coming he only made it through a little bit then I woke up.
shrekflix#5370 2021-07-25 18:27:53
I had this dream last night. I was walking a part of my town with my friends, it looked unfamiliar, but we all headed into this dark street, it kept getting darker towards our destinaton, it was basically pitch black. from there we kept going forward into this hotel like place, we walked for the stairs, but I somehow got stuck a bit behind, I got to the stairs and turned around, and he was there, the black humanoid figure, constant smile, it was like he had face paint on but all over him except his eyes and mouth and he was just crouching down near a shelf or desk of some sorts, I tried to run up the stairs but I woke up just as I got half way up.
Jenny 2021-07-23 08:12:23
My dreams really scare me and the fear I'm feeling while I'm dreaming makes me think it was not a dream it feel so real. My last dream I was dreaming I was lying in bed ready to go to sleep.. But everywhere in my room there was dark shadows with devil horns. They were trying to get me. The level of fear in my dream makes me feel like it was no draem.
Lauren 2021-07-21 15:55:20
So I had this dream probably about 10 years ago now, but I still remember it so vividly.
At first I was just look out with a few people and we all decided to drive out to some random field (not any place I've been to in real life.) We were suddenly in this field that was completely surrounded by trees, Andrew had the cars parked in there, too. Suddenly something caused everyone to run, and I hid behind this random jeep (again, not any vehicle I actually knew.) I decide to peek out from behind the jeep when I see this shadow figure standing across from me at the edge of the field, right at the tree line. It sees me and suddenly comes flying towards me, and when this figure basically flies into me is when I suddenly wake up gasping for breath. It felt so evil. I don't remember ever seeing eyes or any specific features, it was just a black shadow figure shaped like a person.
Makayla Maes 2021-07-14 17:57:36
I had a recent dream last night it was so vivid... i dream vividly all the time but this dream was different.. it felt different in someway. When i dream like this, i can change the dream or the places or the events in this kind of dreams but last night i couldn't at all. i felt everything the pain the emotions that were happening in this certain time frame. i never experience this pain before i know how cats love nibbles feel like but i never had a cat bite me enough to draw blood. in this dream the cat was black with a cure little sweater on and then i also experienced having a dark figure in the dream as well what could my dream mean? i need answers because im an empath....
Kiki Morgan 2021-05-27 22:10:06
The dark shadowy figure of a man in my dream in hindsight was creepy but the thing that worried me was the indifference I had for him in my dream state.

I was sitting in the livingroom of the house I lived in when i was a teen. My current bf came walking through the door with my first love and two unknown men. They walked right by me and exited out the patio door to the backyard.There was an nostalgic gleeful smile on my face as i watched them through the blinds and I started to unbraid my hair in anticipation of impressing my first love when he walked back through. I finally got my hair down and detangled when they came back in. As my bf and first love passed my hair became instantly disheveled with their passing. i paid no regard to my bf but i caught a quick glimpse of him at the edge of my dream in my peripheral about to exit the front door . For some strange reason I was fixated on my first love yet he was obviously avoidant of me. He was covering his face with his hands in an attempt to hide himself from me. I heard the frantic obsessive plea in my thoughts, "No dont leave me, please dont leave," i was begging him to stay internally but externally I kept a placid demeanor encased in an effortless fake plastered smile. While my thoughts repeatedly rambled out my plea one of the unknown men approached me with a charming smile and a genuinely open friendly demeanor. He had obvious interest in me and began to speak to me but all i could hear were my anxious rambling thoughts, although I made it seem like I was listening, his voice fell on deaf ears and an indifferent heart, he was completely silenced. While all of this was going on, in the back ground I saw a tall slender dark shadowy man lurking in the shadows of the corners of the room. He was moving in a staggered quick almost glide towards the front door as if he was adamant about remaining hidden from my sight. Still I was fixated on my ex, even as they all left out of my house I followed them in a hurry trying to catch him. They led me to a full parking lot where they all loaded up into a white van. I got in my car across the lot from the van and braced myself for the drive. I sat there watching in anticipation and contemplating my next move as uncertainty etched its way into my perceived convictions. I was stalled with indecision and stagnant with inaction.
Anon 2021-04-22 14:17:25
I had a dream last night, where my dark figure definitely wasn't human. They were taller than me, to where my head was around their chest. I'm 5'8. They had a fog coming from their body, and they spoke with my voice, but in my head. They kept repeating "did it hurt?", "do you know what you did?", and "how do you feel?" until I woke up.

The dream took place inside a diner, and it was completely empty besides another shadow figure that was closer to my height wiping down the counter. Outside was pitch black, and everything inside was covered in a layer of dust.
Tyiesha 2021-04-09 11:51:36
I saw a black figure outside of my house and it keeps disapearing. and reapearing. in my dreams.
Elijah torres 2021-04-05 12:44:12
i was in hell running from him its been happening for 3 weeks now i dont know why i feel like im burning then i wake up covered in sweat
Rubi Rojas 2021-03-26 08:57:51
mine was sorta weird, i was walking out of my childhood home to go to the car and get some groceries from the car (it was midnight) as i was walking i looked to the side and about 2 meters away was a tall almost skinny black featureless man standing there watching me. he was a little taller than your average door with long arms his fingers(which he only had three on each side) reached his right below his knees. anyways he was just standing there i wanted to run even scream for my dad but i knew it only would've been more scary i think a little part of me knew it couldn't be real. he started making a noise it was like a yell although it was staticky and it got louder and louder, i just stood there watching him, then he started walking over slowly then started running, he lunged at me and hugged me from behind his head was in-between my shoulder and my neck, the weird thing about this though is i could almost feel his breath either it was super cold or burning hot because it kind of felt like it was burning. his arms were around me and i just stood there i cant explain how shocked i was mostly scared, i just started saying in gods man you cannot hurt me over and over again he faded away then i calmly walked back to the house and that's how it ended
Luke Davis 2021-02-18 09:05:55
OMG Mine was sninister there was much more to the dream but I was walking away from a mountain that I had fear of, I gave one last look and saw a man in a grey hoodie, i was in my car, this man climbed into the underside of a car, but then i realized it was a chipper, he killed himself I saw all the blood, but he was standing in human form and glared at me.... Anyone know what this could mean??

Watcher 2021-02-09 11:12:48
I've had dreams about a black humanoid figure before when i was a child, he was always watching, i couldn't see anything other than his eyes and a constant smile, the rest was completely covered in black. He was always following me.

I haven't had dreams about him for years, till last night. Where he showed up again, but in a different way. This time, i somehow met him before i knew who he was. He looked relatively normal at first, but later after seeing him smile...i knew it was him. Then after i tried to confront him, he grabbed me, i tried pulling myself away form his grip but he didn't budge. I called for help and people responded. He ran away but reappeared again later in the dream when i saw him heading for my house. He called out to me to make sure i knew he was there. So i ran as fast i could to make sure my mom didn't open the door for anyone other than me. But it was too late...when i came home, i found my brother with his face half cut open, a knife in his chest...and my mother laying on the couch, but she wasn't breathing...in a wild panic...i screamed and shocked myself awake.

I've had nightmares before but none of them were about stuff i locked away in my memories. The guy came back with a vengeance and killed everyone but me...i don't know what i means...but i was afraid.
anonymous 2020-12-08 11:17:23
so I was sleeping and I guess I went to the kitchen and In the corner of my eye I looked at my room and saw this dark figure I guess crawling, so I freak out but not that much. so I tell everyone in my house that I saw something, but they don't believe me, so I go to the room and half way to going to my room it peeks out and first it has this huge smiling mouth, the Eyes are glowing white but they go dark. But the whole time its just playing. with me and wants to see me suffer. But back to my dream. So I go watch tv with my two brothers 21 , 18, and me 19, so the dark figure comes in the room and I guess hey start to see and they freak out and I guess as soon it attack or hit one of us I wake up, am all sweaty and I start staring at my closet and my door , and I guess I wake up sleep with my bother not in the same bed but he has another bed, I slept there so if something happen to me he will hear and know. But I guess nothing happen, am still putting holly water.
Anniebw 2020-11-04 14:25:52
When I was younger, I used to have very bad nightmares. At the end of the dreams, I would realize I was in a dream and then see a transparent dark figure with kind of glowy white eyes, sort of like Peter Pan's shadow from the show Once Upon a Time. the figure never said anything, but I knew to pursue the figure and then I would wake up. This repeatedly occurred in several dreams until I was 12 years old before we moved states. I never saw the figure in my dreams, or even remember any of my dreams. I still wonder about the figure, because in the last dream I had with it, it seemed to look to see if I was following it, and then I woke up, smelling sea salt like I was at the ocean. I also felt like there were drops of ocean spray on my face and my body felt like it was swaying, but I was dry and lying still in my bed. I never saw it again. Does anybody have any possible idea of what on earth it could mean?
Michael 2020-09-09 02:06:33
Tonight I had a dream were I find a bag of popcorn in my microwave wave. The bag was popped to the point the bag was burst open. The popcorn was not burned.
Then I start seeing these dark 3 foot figures and I can hear them talking amongst themselves, not really making out any words or how many their are. I seen only one of them lifeless until the darkness consumes the room. A green faced witch with who's mouth was sewn shut, and black lifeless eyes with orange hair. After the darkness came they started to torment me running around me in the dark. I could feel them as if the dream was no dream I would reach out and grab one and yell for my wife to turn on the lights to find my hands empty. The darkness would immediately start over. I was laying down in my bed at this point then heard a clown laughing maniacally so. I go to chase him never seeing his face he gets away from my grasp. The last shadow I encounter seems to be a woman, standing in the doorway of my room. I jump at the figure with all intent on capturing this faceless shadow. I land on it to my surprise of how solid the figure had been. I punch what I believe to be it's head in hopes to incapacitate the menacing figure. I call for the lights one last time to find it to be a faceless mannequin head. Then I wake and ask my wife if I was dreaming.
RL 2020-09-01 06:44:08
Last night I had a dream about a black cloaked male figure and we were outside in the evening around 6 or 7 pm and I was sitting on the side of the road because I saw a dog I can’t make out what species but he saw me lo locked at me and pointed to the dog and started running towards the dog I was screaming and crying saying I found him first and then he started running and I couldn’t get up from where I was and so I looked to my side and I saw a car I think it was like those old fashioned cars or maybe a beige or grey modern car that car came towards me I couldn’t see the person driving but I hopped in the car drove towards that male figure running with the dog while I was looking towards the car I then looked back at the cloaked figure and this thing or whatever picked up the dog and ran into a field full of grass but long grass and then after Barley entering the grass field I woke up can anyone tell me like the meaning behind my dream I’m kinda scared
Emily 2020-08-09 19:58:35
I don’t know what to do or who to ask. I’ve been looking around everywhere I couldn’t find anyone who experienced this so if you have please tell me. For context I’m a 15 year old girl I recently got a boyfriend. I have been having weird dreams like being chased and stuff ever since. Maybe it’s because of my boyfriend I’m not sure. But I need help. Yesterday I had a quick nap. I didn’t see much since it was a very short dream. But all I could see was a hooded figure close to me. Right in front of me so I could touch him. I don’t remember what was going through my head but I put my arm over this thing. At first it just stood there for a second or two. But then it jerked its head really fast and looked at me. From what I remember he was very old had wrinkles everywhere and small eyes. His nose was wide but relatively normal sized, his mouth was closed. And his eyes, there was something about them I can’t remember. Like it was something scary or important in his eyes? Does that make sense.. all I know is that it scared me so after that I flinched and quickly pulled my hand off his shoulder and fell backwards. The whole time he said nothing and just looked at my. Like he needed to show me something but I was to scared? In my dream I screamed as I was falling and I woke up. I woke up screaming. I don’t think this was just a nightmare. It felt.. important.
Ivory 2020-07-28 19:11:17
I have this dream as well. In mine I'm just in my bed, then he just walks in. He tells me to get up, so in my dream I get out of bed. I then see strange images, like the time two months before the quarantine where I saw the pandemic. Then the room begins to spin, I get a splitting migraine and wake up. I'm still excessively dizzy and have a migraine. This dream has been recurring since I was only three, and I've learned not to fear it anymore.
UwU 2020-07-03 11:45:04
I had this dream I was running towards a door but there was a dark figure standing in front of it. The only thing I could tell about it was it had curved horns on its head. Once I was a few feet away from the door it then disappeared. I didn’t feel fear until the figure disappeared.
Amber 2020-04-04 10:53:38
Hey, I’m 16 now and I had a dream that I was ah home with my family. I had a guy friend over but somehow he disappeared. My parents ordered food and they told me to get it at the door. (For some reason I just took a shower so I was in a towel but by the time I went to get the door I somehow had clothes on). So I went to get the door the first time and no one was there. So I told my little brother to come with me to look outside the door. ( my door is wooden on the bottom and on the top there’s glass so you can instantly see who’s there). We looked outside and there was nothing there. No ground and no sky, it was all grey. Then 4 ambulances pulled up across the street for some reason. We just stared at them for a minute, and then I told my brother to come upstairs with me, and we argued because I didn’t think he was safe being downstairs alone but he insisted and got his way. I went downstairs again for the food(in my dream whenever I went to the door it only shows me going downstairs) this time there was a black figure of a normal shaped man standing there. In my mind I thought it was the delivery guy but when I tried to go my body wouldn’t move. ( at this point in the dream I realized that our house alarm system wasn’t there, and our family pictures were gone, we had no family room, just the door). This time I went upstairs and told my mom that some guy was at the door. But for some reason she ignored me and said,” I’m making dinner, we never ordered food, keep checking the door though!” I asked why and never got an answer. This time I went to the downstairs before going to the door I told my little brother to go upstairs. I don’t know why. But when I checked the door, there was a very tall figure. In my mind I thought of slender man but I laughed it off(out loud). For some reason I could feel the creature get mad. So I somehow transported upstairs and told my mom but all i remember is looking at her, and our mouths didint move. She came down with me and looked. She was confused because she saw nothing. I told her it was there. She still couldn’t see it. I heard it say “why can’t you see me, you just look through me and think-“ I couldn’t hear the rest but my mom and I rushed upstairs and as I went up the stairs I became my younger self, i was now five. As I got more worried trying to look out the window to see if it was still there I got older. When I looked out the window, I was 16, but when I was staying away from the window I was getting younger. (The only reason why I’m freaked out is because my friend had a demon attached to him and I know what it looks like. His name is Frank. People think he’s harmful but he isn’t.) I’m also freaked out because I would have this specific dream when I was younger, but every time I dreamed this dream more stuff would happen. (What was added was me getting younger) well at the end of the dream, i was 14, and I didn’t know why. There was this wall with words on it. It was written in English but I couldn’t read it for some reason. then I saw them, appeared in front of me were all of the creatures and men who haunted me in my dreams when I was younger and now. the one that haunted me the most was the very tall figure, but he said “it’s going to get better, but we have to make you scared so you aren’t afraid to speak” I don’t know what this means, I’m not afraid to talk to anyone. But when I woke up I went downstairs, and across the street are new neighbors. At this point I’m just so confused and I don’t know if my dreams are trying to connect with my reality.
IS 2020-01-02 16:00:26
A few days ago, on my birthday, i went to sleep around 2 am. So once laying in my bed, i started to dream. (In this dream) I was in a house, one i dont know, and it was in the middle of nowhere. There was a forest one one side, and a plain desert on the other. It was very dark, but still afternoon. There were dark, almost black clouds. I was sitting in the living room, on a couch. Then i heard a loud bang, from the back side of the house. So i stood up, and went to the back window of the house. Whatever I saw there, i just wont forget it. The was this big 7 foot human like figure standing there, just looking inside the window. He had just white eyes, and he looked me in my eyes. Then some whispering followed, i still cant figure out what he had said. It scared the shit out of me! With not knowing where the fuck i was, and this sinister figure staring me down. I went back to the living room and heard knocking on the back door, first i was afraid. But then there where these people, clearly running away from something, so i let them in. I went back to the window but no one was there, and the dark day, had turned into a clear night. The forest was burned down. And i saw a grave, in the backyard. I headed to that grave and I saw my own name on it. Im just 16 years old so i was terrified. But then I woke up, at leats i tought i did. I was back in my own room, in my own house. I heard someone walking in my room. I even felt someone bending over my bed. I heard my door closing. (The next morning) Then I really woke up. And I went downstairs for breakfast, i even asked my parents if they went into my room or something, (because me and my parents are the only once living here, we also had 2 cats, 2 dogs, and a bird. My brother moved out to live with his gf. ) but my parents said they were not in my room. Yesterday one of my cats( she's 13 y/o btw) walks from my own living room towards the kitchen, she goes laying on the kitchen floor and does some cat stuff. When suddenly she lays still and makes a weird noise, like she had some sort of pain. So my mom ran toward the cat but she had already died. My parents and i think she had a heart attack. But somehow i think it had something to do with my dream, i really dont know
Jesus 2019-12-16 08:19:52
Me and my girlfriend are recently expecting a baby on the way but ever since she got pregnant the baby got sick she has these dreams at night where a dark man likes to hurt her and do stuff to her she always cry’s out “stop” and “don’t hurt me” when she sleeps it happens almost every night now and I remember she was asleep one night and she started talking an she told me the the dark man wanted to take our son away from us But every time I ask here when she’s awake she never seems to remember tell me these things I’m just looking for a solution to try and help her with this problem can anybody plz help me ?
Michelle 2019-11-26 16:22:37
I dreamed of a dark finger trying to take my baby soul away while my baby sleeps next to me and my body feels heavy and I can’t get him away from my baby

Nicky 2019-11-18 00:05:25
May i add that before when this figure has shadowed over me i picked up a side lamp knowing it was there but i had somehow picked it up while i was sleeping and when this dark shadow approached me and was standing by the side of my bed i had wanted to hit him with it and so in my sleep i had threw it because i woke up but i was still asleep so i thought after that he was attacking me so i kept pushing him off me but it was actually my boyfriend who i was pushing

when i woke up i told my boyfriend that i remember lifting up the lamp but didn't know what i had done with it and thats when i had realised it being caught in between the wall and the bed, over the other side of the bed where the dark figure was i then realised I'd thrown it and thought the dark figure was attacking me but whilst having this night terror or sleep paralysis my boyfriend was trying to calm me down by telling me it was him he's here in the bed with me and i felt so bad when i woke up because it could've hit him and the base was quite heavy to the lamp my boyfriend was sleeping inches from where i had thrown the lamp

This does not help me understand as i dont meet too many people i have anxiety and depression i suffer from insomnia and i hate being around too many people I'm not working atthe moment and it has been going on for many years it has calmed down now due to self medicating for insomnia with cannabis and that gets me to sleep it shuts my mind down most of the time the only time i smoke it is when i am going to sleep i've gone from having night terrors and sleep paralysis from twice a month to once a month and only once in a blue moon now really has helped me

When going to the docs they gave me 2 options
1. Sleeping pills which can be addictive i turned down
2. Ruin your sleep pattern and stay awake from 1am-5am and they both did not help me
I work and can not do that

Its not very practical but it helps

Nickyb 2019-11-17 23:46:34
I have been having a recurring dream about a dark figure coming into my room and approaching me then he is standing over me when the dark figure approaches me i wake up in fear and i feel like he is a fear of mine sometimes he's in a hat sometimes he isn't but i always sense he's out to get me
John 2019-11-02 13:31:58
I was sleeping in my living room then my cats go by my wood stove and I thought it was them trying to get out then I try to open my eyes then I go back to sleep then I I have this dream of 3 tall skinny black figures running thru my living room hmu if you no what will happen to me
Sara 2019-10-29 17:04:45
I had a horrible dream and I don’t know what it means if anyone’s knows please let me know
My mum got a phone call from my home country and she told me she needs to go back to visit her dad (her dad is dead in real life) I asked if I could come she said no you have exams then murph younger sister and her went my cousins dropped me home and I realised I needed more clothes so I told them and as we wanted to head out we heard footsteps my cousins said it wasnt a big deal and we all went when we came back the dining table was flipped upside down I told them but they didn’t seem to care then they said they were leaving I told them plz don’t leave me alone I’m scared but they left anyways I locked the door and as I was turning away from the door the table flipped right I front of my eyes and I was so scared s few seconds later I heard the door open but I was sure I locked it I looked around and I saw a man/women wearing a black gown his hands looked like they’ve been burnt off his fingers were pointy he had a black mask which was kinda see through stuck to his face he was holding two dark red candles he placed them down and then looked me straight in my eyes I saw his eyes it was co plenty black and I can see him smile but not any smile a very scary smile I couldn’t move It was like I was stuck after like 10 seconds of him staring right at me I woke up
Andrew 2019-09-25 19:10:17
It’s 3:30 am and I can’t sleep I woke up feeling heavy and the dream was horrible I was in my own home talking to family but missing patches where I couldn’t remember things eventually wired shit starts happening about half way through the dream of what I could remember 3 dogs that turned into wolfs were like helping me at first like sign that this evil was here again and kept coming back there hair on their body’s would flair up everywhere and then the morphed into these black wolfs with scary yellow eyes and they were all looking at me this was happening in the garage and as I left the garage the garage door started opening so I pressed the button to close it and the wolfs started walking towards the garage as to leave so I closed it and it opens again as it starts to open I close it and like fuck off this is gonna stay closed the wolves eventually got out and we’re staring at me then left them I tried getting help from my parents in my dream i was like somethings happening wired shit was happening random things were being placed like the place had been trashed my Apple Watch was a cat collar like or a dog maybe from one of the wolfs don’t knwow here that went and I just couldn’t remember when all of this shit wa happening things were werecked nd I would be like wtf happend like I left my body then I asked my family for help I asked my mom at first nothing happened but them that evil came back and almost like butterfly’s in my stomach or the sense of getting goose bumps but 100 times that you feel like a shiver almost and I see like a picture above me of like this balck shadow figure leaving my body or something like that and we all experienced then I went inside to call the police and these 2 pryo guys get out of a car and torch my family and the house the house opposite us was in flames on fire and I realised all this was happening to us the piros set them ablaze they all died but I couldn’t se their body’s I was hiding behind these covers one of them saw me and tried to get me but they got out of their by dumping the flamhtowers into the bin and gettin in the car and driving off then it started feeling like a trial becuase there were like diving gear suck to the window and these divers were climbing up as to get up and harm me so I kept taking the gear then them starting doing something not to help but I can’t remember so I was trying to throw it out and it was like if u get one out your free but it was like wired in my room window and so I started untagleing but it wasn’t working so I was pulling cords out throwing them out the window I remember a friend coming over like there was a party going on it looked like the after math but it was like something was searching for something and everything was a mess like we’d Been robbed and I kept getting this goose bumps geeing but really intense like a sense where it was more than goose bumps it felt like spiking like tv static in a way how it makes your hair raise and I knew I was gonna wake up somewhere else doing something else like what have I done know not knowing as I forget everything like my subconscious is pushed back and this dark figures taken over this defiantly was no dream I woke up and I felt like I was being watched I looked at the time and it was 3:11 like everytime I wake up I swear it’s alwasy 3:11 I was shaking I got my dog and she was acting strange she was like hugging me then she left and now I’m here writing this I know there was more but it’s hard to remember everything all I know was this was an evil evil dream
Trish 2019-09-22 00:23:26
Last night I had gotten little sleep because I woke up randomly at 3 am worried about something and around 5 I finally passed out. I was having very weird but vivid dreams and was aware of the fact that I was dreaming but couldn’t control it suddenly I felt and sharp pain in my chest and started gasping for air and was In my room but everything was dark no light at all. I kept yelling for help but no one could hear me suddenly this big black figure walked in but not completely he just stood half in the doorway. My mind was trying to make sense of it but every time it did it wouldn’t work suddenly my brother walked in and said i can’t be here the everyone left but the didn’t walk out they just disappeared. Then I woke up and everything was lit again I didn’t even have trouble getting out of bed I felt really energized for some reason.

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