Dream Dictionary Dark Purple

Dream Dictionary Dark Purple

Find out what it means to dream about Dark Purple color or see dark purple things in a dream.

Dream Dark Purple
Dream Dictionary Dark Purple, The Dream Meaning of Dark Purple

Dreaming of the color dark purple basically means that you are concerned with the sense of magic and mystery in your life. The lighter the color purple, the less magic and mystery you have involved in your life. This means that if you see a light purple then you are not intriguing enough and if you see a dark purple color, you are quite interesting, you are like James Bond essentially.

Seeing a dark purple is a good color if you like the unusual and you like experiencing new things all of the time, but if you are a person that likes to stick to what they know then seeing dark purple here could potentially be terrifying. Dark purple colors also symbolize royalty. You might be seeing dark purple because something just recently made you feel very special and now you are having trouble containing your enthusiasm. You are so happy with yourself and so well respected that you feel like a king or queen.

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