Dream Dictionary Dark skin

Dream Dictionary Dark skin

Generally when someone sees a dream involving darkness it is only natural to be totally afraid of what is going on.

Dream Dark skin
Dream Dictionary Dark skin, What it Means to Dream About Dark skin

If you have a dream of darkness or if you see darkness and you are unsure of what it might mean try to focus on the specific symbol. Did you see dark skin in your dreams? If so, do not panic. The truth is dark skin can be interpreted in one of two ways.

If you have a dream that you have dark skin but you don’t normally have dark skin in real life then this means that you feel very different than normal. Not only do you feel different but you also notice that you are being treated differently than you normally are. Try to make sure that you pay attention to the fact that you are not different though. You may be treated as if you are different by the others but you should not allow yourself to think of yourself differently just because of the way you are being treated. Otherwise things could change drastically for you and not necessarily for the good.

Of course dark skin could just be skin of a darker pigment that African Americans, Indians, Mexicans etc happen to possess. To dream of this kind of dark skin is not a fearful dream or is not a dream that should cause fear. This has more to do with diversity in your life. If this type of dream does frighten you then it may be highlighting some underlying racist tendencies that you have.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Dark skin

Spamlol 2018-10-05 22:33:57
Hi dream that I was holding dark skin baby. With hair on its chest but I couldn't see its faces

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Sphnix Daughter 2017-05-08 09:26:06
Im am of African descent and my dream was that my skin was much much darker. It did not frighten me..lol But i guess if a person who does not have dark skin would experience fear since no one wants to truly "be" black but instead take from our culture.

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