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The symbols of dark water or a dark lake are pertinent because they give some clue to the actual emotion that is involved in the process. A dream about one of these symbols may seem perplexing at first but after understanding their close relation to the human emotional spectrum it should not be that difficult to interpret.

To dream of dark water means you are thinking about endlessness and complexity of life and emotion. Water is known notoriously for symbolizing all kinds of different emotions and feelings. Water symbolizes the entire breadth of emotional feelings that you can have about something so to dream about dark water means that you feel like you can’t really predict your emotions at this time.

You are having unpredictable feelings and you want to know how to work through this period. Sometimes the best way to get through a period like this is to just wait out whatever it is that is causing you to feel this way. There is usually some reason for a dream like this, something that is holding you back all on its own, and it makes sense for you to think this way. If you have a dream in which you see dark water you are just having trouble sorting through your feelings on some subject and you need a little assistance.

If you have a dream about a dark lake then this means that you are focused on the complexity of emotion in your world right now. You are thinking about the depth of thought that you have and all of the different things that set that off. Water symbolizes emotion, feeling, and depth. To dream of a dark lake means that your emotions are a bit confused right now and it is hard to make head or tails of them. You aren’t even sure of your own feelings, but give it time and it should all come to you.
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Joana 2017-08-26 18:48:28
Last night I dreamt I was in a car (passenger). The person driving me was going through all these hoops and slopes in a controlled chaotic kind of way around this huge mountain (think Hawaii-like) when we were only a few minutes from her house we notice that the ocean is swelling and taking over the rqoad to the point where it's only ocean in front of us. Black, scary ocean with a charcoal sky. The girl driving said it was ok. She just hit reverse and then began driving all crazy and we end up driving to a street that comes out of nowhere and my gf and her car appear out of nowhere and says "c'mon" and he takes us somewhere safe. But I realize that although it's a safe haven it's not for me and leaving feels terrible and I get lost along the way home, while people from that safe haven are popping up out of nowhere trying to keep me from leaving.

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Isaac 2017-06-11 18:18:01
Dreamed in the dark was on a bridge under me was water a dark horse is swimming its very dark cant see hores head just body and tail

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Anonymous 2015-10-05 14:17:50
I've had reoccurring dreams of dark murky waters and rivers many times. I always find myself trying to get from one place to another, that is I'm always running from someone, or something and I'll usually discover a huge dark river in front of me as that someone or something is chasing me. In my dreams I want to cross the dark river but because I am unable to see through the water or the dangers that lie beneath, I never do. I am completely frightened and scared not wanting to go anywhere near such a river...eventually the dream fades into another dilemma or scenario where I experience more chaos or turmoil.

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unknown 2015-05-30 19:00:10
I dreamt of swimming in a dark ocean and I was very confused as to where I was or where I was going. This dream is very relevant to my life right now, I am fighting off a severe depression and I have been having an awful amount of mood swings as well. I just wish to find peace with my inner thoughts and emotions.

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